Saturday, October 9, 2010

Red Hood: Lost Days #5(of 6)

Overall: This issue continues Jason Todd's tour of jolly old England. Last issue Jason discovered that the Russian mob was going to trick unwitting Arabs into blowing up in various spots throughout England(trust me, it's complicated)to get the heat off of their own illegal activities. This issue deals with Jason racing around England trying to get all of the bombs off the street before the timers are up. He cuts it close, but in the end manages to disarm all of the bombs. Upon returning to his apartment, Jason finds the Russian mob waiting for him. And as is the custom when the Russian mob is waiting for you in your apartment, Jason pulls out two guns and kills the lot of them, except for one mobster, who offers information on where the Joker was holed up in exchange for his life. Needless to say, that bit of info definitely interests Jason.

I was really enjoying this mini-series right up until this issue(and to a lesser extent, last issue). The first three issues dealt with Jason returning to life, and didn't follow a linear path, each issue took place some time after the one before it. I really liked that, as it gave us a glimpse of Jason growing up and slowly deciding on the type of man he'd become. And then came issues #4 and 5... I don't know how we went from Jason learning the ropes and trying to become better than Batman to Jason fighting the Russian mob in England, but that's what happened here. I'm not sure why Judd Winick decided to change the pacing of the story for these two issues, but I definitely wish he hadn't. Oh well, hopefully next issue will end with a bang as Jason confronts the man responsible for his “death” for the first time, the Joker.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Kill, kill, kill!!!!!!


  1. Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Dieeee!!!! Couldn't agree more with the review X. It just seemed so weird to go from seeing Jason grow up and learn what he needed to take on Bruce to just randomly saving the world. I get that Judd is trying to prove that Jason is still a hero which I'm fine with but it seems like there should be a better way of going about it instead of the way it was shown. It seemed more boring than anything since we know Jason is in no danger because we already know his future.

  2. Yeah, after my sister read this comic she was of the same mind we seem to be, that this series really went backwards a few steps these last two issues. I REALLY enjoyed seeing Jason grow up and train and stuff, and then WHAM, he's taking down the Russian mafia for 2 issues. What gives!?! I'd have honestly preferred if Judd did 6 loosely connected comics showing 6 different times in Jason's life where he was training and thinking about/scheming against Batman.

    And I couldn't agree with you anymore about how bizarre the cliffhangers have been since we know that Jason's is never in any real danger and that he's obviously NOT going to kill the Joker next issue. It's like why even bother putting cliffhangers in this mini at all? Are people reading this and seriously thinking, "Oh no, will Jason be killed several years ago by the Russian mafia???"

  3. Exactly! I was so happy with the first three issues then the last two wanted to change up the formula. He hasn't even mentioned revenge on Bruce since like issue three has he? Now he's like, eh, I want Joker. I know where Joker is too, in Gotham or Arkham like he ALWAYS IS.

  4. "I know where Joker is too, in Gotham or Arkham like he ALWAYS IS." HA!!! It's funny 'cause it's true! Come on, if you REALLY wanted to find Joker just start searching all of the abandoned fun houses/carvivals in Gotham. I'd bet good money that you'd find Mistah J in one of those!

  5. EXACTLY! Search those, search the tight fabric store where Harley gets her super tight spandex from, or just follow Bruce around and kill two birds with one huge exploding stone. ;-)

    So how do you think the series ends? Jason shaking hands with Hush or something? I'm hoping it's with Jason seemingly having a plan that still makes him look like a good guy even after all this Morrison stuff.

  6. I'm gonna say that Jason figured that Joker was somewhere in Gotham(I mean hell, how COULDN'T he know?!)but that he didn't want to search around Gotham since there would have been a chance that he would have bumped into Bruce before he was ready. But if some guy tells him EXACTLY where Joker is, I guess Jason figures he can sneak into Gotham, kill Joker and get out before Batman is aware of his presence.

    Hmm, good question... I guess it would make some sense for Jason to not find/get defeated by Joker(who escapes)and then get approached by Hush to set up the events in the original Hush storyline. Personally I'd say that it really doesn't end, or that it ends with Jason deciding to stay in Gotham since he now felt ready to begin his assault on Bruce.

  7. Well that makes sense, hopefully Judd says something like that in the next issue just to clear up that little tidbit.

    That works as well. I'd like it to end with Talia saying she has to tell Jason something, but she doesn't reveal it to us, then BOOM. People wanna know, which leads to more Jason comics. And of course It's that Damian is his son, so I can be right, and rub it in faces for years to come. Lol

  8. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I can see Jason wanting to avoid Gotham so he doesn't happen to bump into Bruce before he's ready to.

    I actually REALLY like the cliffhanger aspect of your Talia idea, since it would leave the door open for more Jason comics. Unfortunately, I just don't think Crazy Grant would EVER allow that. Although I'm kind of glad, because I don't think I'd be able to stand your endless gloating! :P

  9. I could see that but if he was able to sneak around Bruce, set a bomb on the Batmobile then decide NOT to blow him up, he's gotta have some way to hide from him.

    Haha, you know I'd gloat forever!!!1!!11! Lol, but yeah, I was really just pitching it in a hope that we'd get more Jason comics. I can only hope though, the best thing about Jason dying is that I don't think they'd kill him off so recent again.