Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Action Comics #893

Overall: Lex Luthor's seemingly never ending quest for Black Lantern power takes him to Uganda, and puts him directly at odds with Gorilla Grodd. Grodd doesn't like the idea of Lex poking his nose around his base, so he sends some gorilla warriors out to capture Lex's Lois Lane robot, figuring that would cause Lex to act irrationally. Sure enough, Lex and his team run through the jungle hunting for robot Lois, falling right into Grodd's trap. Upon seeing Grodd, Lex challenges him to a one on one battle, which leads to Grodd lopping Lex's head off with a giant spoon(!?!). Grodd goes to eat Lex's head and discovers that the head was actually a robot's head, and Grodd is shocked unconscious. With Grodd out of the way, the real Lex sneaks into Grodd's base, rescues robot Lois and gets a reading of the Black Lantern power that he had been looking for. This issue ends with Grodd shooting at Lex's departing helicopter, causing Lex to crash to the ground where he was met by Death.

Hmm... First off, I hate talking monkeys. I really do. I always have, and probably always will. So needless to say, I wasn't thrilled that Lex was going up against Grodd and a bunch of apes. With that said some of the Grodd parts were so over the top that I couldn't help but chuckle at them. Come on, Grodd killing “Lex” with a giant spoon was funny. I'm still not enjoying the main storyline of Lex searching the planet for residual Black Lantern power, but at least there were a few times over the course of this comic where I did have a good laugh. As for the Jimmy Olsen Second Feature, you can be SURE that I skipped it! I mean really, a Jimmy Olsen co-feature?? You have all of these interesting characters in the Superman family and you pick JIMMY OLSEN for the co-feature?! What about Steel or Guardian or hell, even Krypto would be better than Jimmy Olsen... I mean what exactly is the appeal of Jimmy? He's just an annoying hanger on who Superman obviously took pity on. Yeah, I am obviously not a big fan of Jimmy Olsen.

Score: 7 out of 10."Kneel before Grodd"?? That's ALMOST as good as "Kneel before Todd"!


  1. Haha, ALMOST, but If Grodd ever comes at me with a giant spoon or tries to bite my head off mid-conversation then I'll give him the edge.

    I agree that this was a wild comic, and the thing that really held it together was the comedy, I love how a Lex comic can be funny without him looking like a buffoon.

  2. Pfft, if Grodd and his giant spoon ever came at you, you know I've got your back, JT!

    It's SO weird, because I expcted this to be a serious comic, like that Lex Luthor mini-series from a few years back. But I've got to say, so far the comedy has been a pleasent surprise. With each issue that passes, this series is growing on me more and more.

  3. Haha, well thanks buddy. I'm sure we could take Grodd and his giant spoon on. I'll take you spoon, you get Grodd buddy!

    Same here, I expected it to be very serious, but the stuff with Grodd, Mr. Mind, and I'm assuming Death all seem to be pretty funny.

  4. Jeez, here I am saying I'd stick up for you and what do you do? Throw me to the giant, brain eating monkey. Thanks a lot, JT!

  5. Hey, I'm just trying to make it even! Besides while you distract Grodd I can deck him with the Mighty Spoon of Odin!!!!!