Thursday, May 23, 2013

Young Avengers #5

Thursday is an X review night, and predictably, I chose Young Avengers as my first book to review this week.  Young Avengers has been everything I could have hoped for...  And more!  So yeah, this is definitely the book I'm most looking forward to reading.  Which means I should probably get to reading!

Young Avengers #5:

Summary: Loki actually manages to come through and channels Wiccan's powers into a massive counter-spell.  With the rest of the team now magically powered, they are able to eliminate all of Mother's hench-parents, causing Mother to leave.  However, a side-effect of the spell means that the group can't go to their parents, or near where their parents died, since that would make them return to life and go all evil and stuff.  Or at least that's how Loki explains it.  Miss America sees it more as that Loki wants the group to stay together for some Loki-esque purpose.  Whatever the reason, the crew does decide to stick together and do super-heroic type stuff.

Thoughts: This was a pretty solid issue.  I wasn't in love with it, as I was the previous issues, but I still enjoyed it.  The team is officially together, we still don't know for sure where Loki stands, and Wiccan seems ready to return to being a hero.  In other words, the future looks bright!  Speaking of looking bright, the next issue brings us Speed and Prodigy, which is like a double treat for me!!  I loved Speed through the original YA run, and was a huge fan of Prodigy before Decimation ruined New X-Men: Academy X(stupid Marvel...).  It should go without saying that I am hugely looking forward to the next issue.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.


  1. I liked how Loki is imagining the old Kid Loki as his conscience, seeming to try to change his old Loki persona. I am really excited to see how this comic goes.

  2. Finally a comic I can actually comment on since I'm caught up with this series, lol. As you've said, this was a pretty solid issue. And since I'm in love with the team I'm pretty sure I would've given it a 9 just because lol. I'm excited that they've pretty much been coined a team now. I'm still anxious to see what Miss America will bring to the team. She's pretty low key for now. And always I'm pretty sure Loki is up some no good. Lol. Pretty excited for the next issue to come out.

  3. Agreed. The first four issues were so magical that I felt disappointed after this one, despite the fact that it was a lovely issue. I'm still a little confused about why they have to avoid their parents, since can't the Mother go after them regardless of whether they're there or not? Why do they have to be present for the Mother to respawn? But, beside that complaint, the rest of this issue was just fine.