Saturday, May 11, 2013

Alpha: Big Time #4

Why?!  Why is this mini-series almost over already???  Seriously, what am I going to do when I can no longer get my monthly Alpha fix?  Is a world without Alpha a world I really want to live in???  Hmm, I know, I'll just pull all of Alpha's appearances and reread them!  Forever!!!  Problem solved.  Now, it's time to read the penultimate issue of the greatest mini-series ever put out by any comic book company in the history of the UNIVERSE!

Alpha: Big Time #4(of 5):

Summary: This issue kicks off with Alpha getting hammered by the Miller.  With a real hammer.  Not whatever you were thinking...  Thor stops by and strikes Alpha and the Miller with lightning, which ends the "threat" of the Miller.  Thor hands out some advice, and talks about the importance of women and mead before taking off.  From there, Alpha is blown off by Soupcan, who apparently only wants to be friends...  Ouch...  After that crushing blow, Alpha hears some commotion going on at the hospital and rushes over, discovering that the mugger he put in a coma had become some sort of energy(and people!) absorbing creature.  Oh, and the mugger had absorbed like 400 people in the hospital.  Meanwhile, the head mobster in Pittsburgh, Boss Cohen, sends some of his goons to Alpha's grandmother's house, where they proceed to torch the place, while Alpha's mom and grandmother are still inside.  Alpha manages to hear his mother's call for help and abandons the battle with the energy absorbing mugger and heads to his house, arriving to see it completely ablaze.

Thoughts: This comic...  I love it SO MUCH!  The humor is great(I love that everybody kept mistaking Alpha for Nova, since they look NOTHING alike), Thor's cameo was great, even Alpha's interactions with Soupcan ruled.  Besides the humor, Alpha STILL feels like the most realistic hero in either Marvel or DC.  When Alpha left the fight with the energy mugger to get home, that's what I would have done.  Or really, any normal person.  Now, if it was Spider-Man for example, and Aunt May was in trouble, he would somehow manage to defeat the energy mugger and then rescue Aunt May.  The true "heroic" thing to do is to save the greater, while sacrificing your own happiness.  Comic book heroes do it all the time.  But would I?  If I'm being honest, no, I'd watch out for me and mine before I worry about the city.  And if you're honest with yourself, I'd think an overwhelming majority of you would do likewise.  So yeah, great character, great issue, great mini-series, all means I'll be pulling out all my Alpha comics to give 'em all a reread once the next issue drops.

Score: 9 out of 10.

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