Monday, May 27, 2013

Best of the Rest! May 22nd edition.

Hey all, X here with the forth BotR post of May.  How time flies...  Anyway, I'll be doing only three reviews in this post(I know, only 3!?), while JT chips in with a few of his own...  Or at least that's what I originally thought when I typed this up a few days ago!  With JT nursing an injured hand, this is going to be an exceptionally brisk BotR post, since it'll only have my 3 reviews...  So yeah, enjoy.

Daredevil #26: Wooo, I love this series!!  The most important thing going on here is that after consulting with Foggy, DD realizes that the man behind all of his recent troubles is(drumroll, please), Bullseye!!!  DD then manages to find the villain's base and defeat Lady Bullseye(!).  This issue ends with DD approaching the iron lung containing the villain(Bullseye), with Ikari approaching DD from behind.  Yup, this series is gold.  Plain and simple.  This was the second consecutive issue where I audibly said, "Holy shit!".  In this issue, it was the page before the reveal when I realized what Foggy was drawing.  Super, good, amazing stuff here. Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.

Teen Titans #20: This comic was bizarrely all about Trigon...  Yep.  Scott Lobdell was all, "You know what people want to read about in a comic book named 'Teen Titans'?  A super old demon named Trigon."  So yeah, we get Trigon's story, with a heavy emphasis on Raven.  And in true Lobdell style, the Raven portions make little to no sense!  He left Raven's mother alive so she could teach Raven humanity and love?!  And then he STILL expected her to be all, "Yeah, cool.  Let's destroy the earth and other relams, dad!"  How does that even make sense!?  Oh, and to top it all off, it looks like he also retconned the prior issue where Raven was controlling Tim, shifting that instead to one of Raven's brothers.  So either a) editorial stepped in and told Lobdell he could no longer run with that story thread(and with DC's editors, that's a very real possibility), or b) Lobdell himself forgot he even did the Tim/Raven thing(also a very real possibility) .  Anyway, Trigon's backstory somehow sets up next issue's confrontation between Trigon's sons and the Titans and Raven.  This is such a headache to read every month...  Score: 5 out of 10.

A+X #8: The first story is about Shadowcat and Spider-Woman trying to keep a magic meteorite away from AIM, Hydra and the Absorbing Man.  Kitty actually allows Absorbing to touch the meteorite, thus gaining it's abilities, only so she could defeat the now powered Absorbing Man.  Thus proving my long-time point that Kitty is an egotistical bitch.  The second story has Hawkeye and Deadpool teaming up to rescue a restaurant owner from Captain Barracuda.  Honestly, I should have hated this story, but I didn't...  When it started I was thinking, "Hawkeye teaming with Deadpool?!  Bah!"  And yes, I did think, "Bah!"  But by the end, the story had won me over.  So yeah, not bad.  Score: 7 out of 10.


  1. X!!! Long time no harassing!!! lol. Ah I miss ya buddy! I was the current Daredevil first time reader friendly? I see everyone is loving it and well call me a sheep, I want to hop on the bandwagon and read. Possibly get the first trade, but wanted to know if I needed to get comics prior to know what's going on. :)

    1. Lisha!! Harass away! :D This DD series is actually VERY first time reader friendly. It strips away a lot of the stuff that happened at the end of the last series and during Shadowland. So yeah, I'd definitely say to give it a go. And you know if you do end up wanting some background I'm only an email away.

    2. Yaaay!! I get permission to harass without the restraining order!!! Lol. And sweet. You know I can't help myself and will be at the shop tomorrow seeing if I can get the first trade. Lol. I read a couple Daredevil comics before and I like him as a character, just intimidating on where to start you know. Thought I'd ask just to make sure. Lol. And you know I'll be e-mailing you with tons of questions, lol. You helped me get through Young Avengers lol. I was all lost. You're the best. ^_^

    3. You have permission to harass me, Lisha. JT doesn't, and yet he always does! :D

      The more I think of it, the more I think this series would be great for somebody without that much knowledge of DD. It kind of bugged me when it started because it ignored a lot of stuff that happened, but that's great for a new reader. Less baggage. Happy hunting at the shop tomorrow. And I'll def be looking forward to those questions!

    4. Awww that is so sweet!!!!

      Awesome!!! JT said he has it for me so he'll be bringing it over so I can read it. I'm so excited! Lol now only if I could catch up on my weekly stuff so I can start Daredevil lol.