Thursday, May 30, 2013

Captain America #7

Hey all, X here with the first review of the week.  This week I'll be kicking things off with one of my favorite ongoing titles, Captain America.  Rick Remender really hit on something great with this storyline, I'm just hoping he can keep up the momentum as we race towards the finish.

Captain America #7: 

Summary: Cap manages to gain access to the upper reaches of Zola's lab, where he is met by Jet Black.  Jet is prepared to attack Cap again, but after some discussion about Zola's murderous antics, Cap can sense that Jet isn't like her father, and doesn't want to murder all of the Phrox.  The two have a bit of a fight, but that ends when Cap notices one of the Phrox being dropped into a steaming vat of dead Phrox.  Cap makes the save, but is unable to pull himself up the rope he used to catch the falling Phrox.  Luckily, Jet pulls Cap and the Phrox up, realizing that her father's way was wrong.  It's then that Zola launches his lab/battle station towards Earth, where he intended to use his hordes to conquer the planet.  Jet promises to help Cap stop her mad father from demolishing the Earth, provided Cap promises to save Ian from Zola's machinations.  Cap heads off to find Ian, but the brainwashed Ian finds Cap first, and shoots him through the abdomen.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this comic, as usual.  However, it's been so long since I read issue #6, I didn't quite enjoy this story as much as I could have...  I didn't really remember everything that happened last issue...  That's what happens when you read like 200 comics a month!  Honestly, I probably should have read my review of issue #6 before I read this one, but that ship has sailed.  Still, I enjoyed this comic, and can't wait to see what happens when Cap realizes just who shot him.

Score: 8 out of 10.

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  1. I'm in the minority here I realize, but I am only reading this series because a friend of mine lets me borrow it at no charge. This series is a fine example of why I am only reading a few Marvel books anymore. Captain America is in an alternate decision, yet also on Mars, having his mind wiped, and fighting alongside Havok. Which one is right? At least DC makes some modicum of sense with their universe. I want Captain America (and Iron Man, Fantastic Four, etc) on Earth, fighting for mankind. Not off in space and other dimensions. I'm enjoying DC so much more than Marvel, and it's not even close. I think I'll pick Cap back up when he's back on the planet, where he belongs.