Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nova #4

X here with my final solo review of the week.  Well, final current review, as I still have a Throwback review coming up on Tuesday.  If you remember, I had no clue what comic was going to be my Saturday review, but as you can see, problem solved!  After a flip of a coin, which came up heads, fyi, we'll be tackling Nova.

Nova #4:

Summary: Nova has been cut off from any contact with Rocket Raccoon and Gamora, so he decides to go after the mothership of the Chitauri.  While in there, he is confronted by an old ally of his father, a former Supernova named Titus.  And yes, Titus has gone heel and joined up with the Chitauri.  Titus gives a story as to why he went bad, and also takes credit for killing Nova's father.  After Titus's origin tale, he reveals that he had managed to create an Ultimate Nullifier and was planning on using it soon.  Nova realizes he has to get the Nullifier away from Titus and the Chitauri, and manages to snatch it and make his way back to Earth.  After hiding the Nullifier in the garbage, Nova spots a light outside his home and rushes outside figuring it was Rocket and Gamora.  Instead, it's Titus, who is demanding the Nullifier in exchange for not destroying Nova's entire town.

Thoughts: Eh, this issue kind of fell flat for me.  I think my problem with it was the heavy focus on Titus, and the lack of focus on Sam.  I've said it in past issues, it's more the character than the story that I'm enjoying here, and this issue really hammers that home for me.  Besides that, what the hell happened to Rocket and Gamora?!  They send an untested Nova after the Chitauri and then vanish?  What a pair of jerks!

Score: 6 out of 10.


  1. Haha, x you are too kind on this one. I hate the ultimate nullifier reveal , it's like Titus getting a spare infinity gauntlet with him. Just make your own original doomsday device dammit, not something any third tier villain can apparently make easily. The object of power just loses its novelty.

  2. Blech. This issue was just too 1960s "Batman" TV show for me, with the villain conveniently explaining his plans to the hero so that he can spoil them. Also, Sam throws the Ultimate Nullifer in the trash? Really?