Thursday, December 17, 2009

Titans #20

Writer: Mike Johnson. Pencils: Sergio Ariño.

What Happened: Following the recent trend in this series, it's time for Donna Troy's solo story. Donna is hanging around the Titans base, thinking about her life and how she's become the den mother for the team. While Donna is reminiscing, she receives a phone call from somebody asking if Donna Prince(her alter-ego)can head to Miami to take some photos at a big resort opening. Donna considers declining, but ultimately decides to go and try to forget about her Titans responsibilities for once. Donna checks into a hotel, pampers herself and heads to the grand opening party to take her photos. Finally free of her Titans shackles, Donna ends up flirting with a nice guy and winds up enjoying herself for a change. Of course it's at that point that Shimmer and the Fearsome Five attack. Shimmer tells Donna that they were the ones who called her to come to Miami for the express purpose of capturing her. Donna tries to fight off the Five, but winds up at their mercy. The guy Donna was flirting with tries to lend a hand, but only ends up drawing Mammoth's ire. Donna uses this distraction to take out Shimmer, before defeating the rest of the Five. Before leaving, Donna and the guy from earlier agree to meet up again and this issue ends with Donna deciding to purchase a place in Miami in an attempt to build a life for herself outside the Titans.

What I Thought: This was a perfectly acceptable comic book. Nothing more, nothing less. The story was inoffensive and a good way to kill 15 minutes or so. I probably won't remember this comic in a week's time, but at least it was better then most of the other comics I've been reading lately. If you like Donna Troy, then this book is probably worth a read, if not then I'd skip it.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.See, that's why you don't make an Amazon angry!

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