Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Adventure Comics #5/508

Writer: The comic book GOD, Geoff Johns(can you guess who I'll be giving my writer of the year award to?)and Sterling Gates. Pencils: Bob Wiacek and Jerry Ordway.

What Happened: Superboy Prime dukes it out with the Black Lanterns who want to add his rage filled heart to their ever growing collection over the streets of Earth-Prime Manhattan. Prime brings the fight to the offices of DC Comics and threatens the various creators for screwing up his life. Before Prime can kill anybody from DC Comics(and deprive us fanboys of our favorite vice)Black Lantern Alexander Luthor arrives and teleports Prime and the Black Lanterns back to the basement of Prime's parents house. The BL's continue to torment Prime, and Prime finally gives up and grabs a BL ring and puts it on his finger, killing himself. However, for some reason, the BL ring causes Prime to transform into a member of several of the other Corps until he finally ends up becoming a Red Lantern(huh?). Prime manages to roast all of the BL's with his Red Lantern powers, which causes his Black Lantern ring to shatter, leaving him alone(and whining)on his basement floor. Prime's story ends with Laurie(Prime's long thought dead girlfriend)walking down the basement stairs to embrace Prime. Unbeknownst to Prime though, Laurie is a Black Lantern!

Second Feature: Writer: Geoff Johns. Artist: Francis Manapul.
On his way home from Paris, Superboy spots Lori destroying a doctor's office in Smallville. Superboy tries to find out why Lori is vandalizing the doctor's office and winds up learning that the doctor wouldn't treat her sick mother(or something along those lines). SB brings Lori back to her house and tries to convince her that she should be trying to find constructive way of helping her mother. While the two are talking, someone knocks on Lori's door and as she opens it, SB keels over in pain. This issue ends with Lex Luthor(who was at the door holding some Kryptonite)announcing that he had been looking all over Smallville for SB, and that he was glad that he had finally found him(oh, and Lori is Lex's niece).

What I Thought: Umm, I really didn't like this comic. I thought the Prime feature was too cutesy, and the SB feature was too short. So yeah, this definitely won't go on my Geoff Johns highlight reel... The Prime feature really annoyed me, mainly because it was too "insider" for my tastes. I could have done without Prime's assault on the DC offices, it didn't really serve any purpose, and just seemed lame. I have NO idea why Prime putting on a Black Lantern ring resulted in him becoming a Red Lantern... That was completely mindboggling. And on top of all that, I thought the ending was pretty lousy as well! It was like the sort of thing you'd see in a really bad horror movie. Yep, Prime's feature was sincerely lacking. As for the Superboy feature, with the exception of Lex's appearance on the last page, nothing of note happened. It was just SB talking to this girl who turns out to be Lex's niece. Since I'm not emotionally invested in Lori at all, this reveal didn't impact me at all. To sum up this comic in a single word, "Meh".

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.This was the only good part of this comic, and it came on the very last page!


  1. I love this starting with you announcing Geoff will win your comic writer of the year award then this comic gets a 3.5. Ironyyyy

  2. I was wrong! I thought you would really enjoy this issue! Well, there goes my would-be career as a comic book clairvoyant. Womp womp.

  3. Jason: Yeah, I think I jinxed things by cheering too loudly for Geoff in the opening of this review... Oh well...

    Robert: After posting this review, I went and checked out your mini-review of this issue, and it seems that we are definitely on different sides of the fence here! Hey, I wouldn't give up on the prognostication game just yet, 9 times out of 10, if you think I enjoyed a Geoff Johns written comic book you'd be right!