Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm back! Kind of...

So we had our first real snow storm last night/today here in my neck of the woods... OK, maybe snowstorm is embellishing things a bit, it was only about 5 inches, but still, it was the first real measurable snowfall of the season. My school decided to open on a two hour delay, which led to me deciding that I wasn't going to bother going in! Yes, that's right, I played hooky! But unlike all those times I played hooky in high school, I actually managed to accomplish something today. I completely finished up my 7 page Spartacus paper, studied for my big Spanish quiz tomorrow, and began working on the final two papers I have due this semester. Finishing that Spartacus paper was a huge load off my shoulders, that was by far the most important of all my various papers/tests. So with that paper behind me, I can once again devote some time to this here blog.

After taking three days off from blogging, and having not read a single new comic the past three days, I've come to a startling conclusion... I'm WAAAAAY behind in my comic book reading! My pile of unread new books now totals exactly 61! Trust me, I counted them up! Now, some of the blame can be laid at the feet of the post office, since I'm STILL waiting on my package of comics from OCTOBER!!! However, the rest of the blame is solely mine. I've been so preoccupied with school, back issues and sleep, that I've been really neglecting my unread new books. I'm not even sure how to go about catching up either... I'm not going to sit in front of my laptop for 87 straight hours and post full reviews for all of those books, not even I'm THAT crazy. I was going to do a few Quick Thoughts posts on them, but even those take about 30 minutes to complete, between reading the comic and then typing up my thoughts on them. No, I think I'm probably going to take the easy way out and simply post my score for each book, a scan from the comic and maybe a sentence or two about it(if that). The newer books, like Justice Society of America #33 or the most recent issue of Wonder Woman I'll probably post a regular review, but for comics like Blackest Night Superman #3, which is a few months old now, I'm just going to go with a score, a scan and a sentence. If you agree or disagree with the score I post, please feel free to post a comment, if you can actually remember what happened in a comic from a few months back that is! Anyway, that's all for now, I'm going to start blitzing through these comics and trying out my new lazy way of blogging. Before I go, the only thing left to say is Long Live The Legion!

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