Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Quick Look at Superman #694

Writer: James Robinson. Artist: Javier Pina.

What Happened: This is one of those comics that jumps back and forth in time, so to keep things straight(and in order to keep this post semi-coherent)I'm going to tell the story in its proper chronological order... That makes sense, no? Anyway, we begin with Mon-El, who recently escaped from Gen. Lane, heading to Smallville in order to talk to Ma Kent and Superboy. Mon complains that he has failed Superman by not protecting Metropolis in the same way that Supes did. Ma tells him hogwash(well not in those words, but it would have been great if she did say "hogwash"), and that he's done a fine job serving as Metropolis' protector in Supes absence. Mon then goes on to complain about the way Gen. Lane has sullied Superman's symbol, and swears to tell anyone who will listen that Lane isn't the hero he's been claiming to be. Ma continues to serve as a sounding board, and ultimately gives the type of sage advice only Ma Kent can give(keep your chin up, keep fighting, etc, etc). Before Mon leaves Smallville, Ma presents Mon with a slightly altered version of his costume, complete with Superman's "S" adorning it, so Mon can better represent Supes. From there, Mon, in his new threads heads back to Metropolis just in time to assist the Science Police in a battle against the always awesome Bizarro. After an extended battle between the two powerhouses, Mon manages to put Bizarro down momentarily. Before Mon can finish Bizarro off however, his powers give out on him, just as the Parasite arrives on the scene. This issue ends with Parasite and Bizarro bearing down on the powerless Mon-El.

What I Thought: This was a fun comic that I enjoyed for the most part. The only thing that bothered me was what I think was the return of the most ridiculous, idiotic and useless character in all(yes all!)of the DCU, Bouncing Boy... Bouncing Boy, whose "power" consist of the fact that he's fat... Uh-huh... Hopefully I'm wrong about this one, but it sure seems like it was Bouncing Boy who appeared here. Besides that junk, everything else here was pretty well done. There were a few moments that had me laughing, both intentionally and not. I got a kick out of Ma telling Mon-El that she stayed up all night designing him a new costume and then presenting him with the same costume he's been wearing, only with an "S" sewn on it... It really took Ma all night to sew an "S" onto Mon's costume? Really? Bizarro was Bizarro, which is always good, since Me am not love Bizarro, and the next issue should contain a pretty sweet battle between Mon, Parasite and Bizarro.

Score: 8 out of 10.I'm glad Mon took the time to explain that Bizarro was speaking "reverse speak". I'm sure there were plenty of comic book fans who were taken aback by that revelation.

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