Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Quick Look at Captain America: Reborn #5(of 6)

Writer: Ed Brubaker. Pencils: Bryan Hitch.

What Happened: We begin this issue with Steve Rogers trapped in a bizarre version of 1930s New York if it had been taken over by the Nazis. In the present, the Red Skull, who is now controlling Steve's body, intends on meeting the president of the United States and proclaiming himself the true Captain America. Before Skulls transport reaches Washington DC though, a ragtag group of Avengers, led by Bucky, attempt to stop him but are blown out of the sky by the Red Skull's forces. The Avengers crash land right outside the Lincoln Memorial, and are soon met by the Red Skull( in Captain America's body) and several AIM agents. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers manages to find the Red Skull inside the Skulls mind, and the two battle for control of Steve's body. Crossbones, along with a mess of MODOKs, attacks the heroes in Washington. By this point, the Red Skull is headed toward the White House, but is intercepted by Bucky. The two battle, but Bucky continues to pull his punches out of fear of hurting his friend. The Red Skull's daughter, Sin, shoots Bucky in the back, and the Skull uses that distraction to take Bucky's shield away. This issue ends with the Red Skull severing Bucky's robotic hand and standing over him preparing to deliver the finishing blow.

What I thought: Once again I thought this was a good comic, but to be perfectly honest this storyline is kind of ruined for me. I mean let's face it, Marvel hasn't exactly done a good job of keeping what was going to happen in this miniseries a secret. Hell, Bucky and Steve Rogers are both shown at the end of the Dark Avengers annual I just read. Of course when the sixth issue comes out I'll happily read it, but unfortunately this whole comic experience is spoiled for me.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Don't you just love the way Captain America's eyes are red while the Red Skull is in control of him? Isn't that a tad bit too obvious?


  1. They didn't need to put this in a seperate mini-series and charge $3.99 an issue. Seriously.

    But I liked the action, and it's always nice when a story arc like this gets towards the end, because the writer is forced to tie up the story.

  2. Kello, I couldn't agree more with you. I would've definitely preferred for the storyline to have taken place in the regular Capt. America series, especially since I have a subscription for it!

    The action was definitely sweet, but I just hate the fact that Marvel has already basically spoiled the ending of this story for pretty much every body. Basically as I was reading this I was just going through the motions, it wasn't like anything could really excited me since I already know what's going to happen. Man do I hate spoilers!