Monday, December 21, 2009


Writer: Tony Bedard. Pencils: Claude St. Aubin.

What Happened: We begin with the remaining Omega Men(Tigorr, Darkfire, Broot and Doc)searching through the homeworld of Starro the Conqueror in an attempt to discover what(if anything)can stop his rampage through the universe. Dox tries to convince former REBELS member Garv to join up with him, but fails miserably. Kanjar Ro calls Dox's ship and insults Xylon(the Dominator who has joined Dox's crew)before asking for assistance since Starro is poised and ready to attack Kanjar's planet. After being insulted by Kanjar, Xylon chooses to hang up as opposed to sending help. Dox explains to his son Lyrl that he sees him as nothing more then a potential weapon that could be used against him by Starro, which is the only reason Dox bothered to save Lyrl in the first place... Wow, how brunt... Needless to say, after hearing that, Lyrl runs off in a huff. Dox returns to his ship's command center and gets a transmission from Adam Strange and Captain Comet, who offer their assistance against Starro. The Omega Men wind up learning a little bit about Starro, but end up potentially giving away their cover in the process. Back on Ohor(Kanjar Ro's planet), Kanjar tries to reach the Gamma Gong, but before he can use it, the Gong is destroyed by the forces of Starro. Before Starro's men can capture Kanjar, Adam Strange teleports in and rescues the despot. Adam returns to Dox with Kanjar, which pisses Dox off since all he wanted from Ohor was the Gamma Gong, not Kanjar. Dox explains that in order to defeat Starro his motley crew has to collect three artifacts from three separate worlds, Dox then gives the REBELS 4 hours to prepare themselves before he sends them out on their missions. Three hours later, Garv, Strata and their child sneak away from Dox's ship, preferring to hide out then to battle Starro at Dox's side. Lyrl catches up with them, begging to go along with them since he wants no part of his father. This issue ends with the foursome running right into Starro's heralds, who were searching for Lyrl.

What I Thought: Damn do I love this series! Dox is officially one of my favorite characters now, this issue totally solidified that. Tony is really crafting one hell of a story here, fitting numerous characters into this series, without anybody really being out of place. I can honestly say there isn't any character here that I really don't like. Hell, I even like the Dominator! Next issue should be a blast with Starro's minions attempting to capture Lyrl, as well as a certain Blackest Night crossing over into these pages. Well, why talk about it, I might as well give the next issue a read right now!

Score: 9 out of 10.And I thought my father was bad!

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