Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Quick Look at Outsiders #25

Writer: Peter Tomasi. Pencils: Fernando Pasarin and Derec Donovan.

What Happened: This issue gets underway with Black Lantern Terra showing her true colors by attacking her brother Geo-Force and his team of Outsiders. Meanwhile, Katana, Halo, Creeper and Owlman are stuck battling Katana's Black Lantern husband and children. After plunging her sword into her dead husband, Katana learns all about Nekron and his plans for the Black Lanterns. While that is going on, Halo uses her light powers to completely destroy Katana's dead children. Halo then destroys Katana's husband before heading back to base to help Geo-Force and the rest of the Outsiders. BL Terra basically has her way with Geo-Force and company and is about to tear out Geo-Force's heart when Halo arrives. Halo takes BL Terra's ring away and Geo-Force turns BL Terra to stone, ending her threat. Before the heroes can celebrate, Halo suddenly transforms into pure light and vanishes unexpectedly. This issue ends with a quick rundown of what the remaining members of the team did after the events of Blackest Night.

What I Thought: This was a fast, fun and enjoyable Blackest Night x-over issue. It was pretty much an all-action issue, with Peter wrapping up his writing run and giving incoming writer(and current DC Executive Editor)Dan Didio a clean slate to do what he wants with the team starting next issue. Besides that, there really isn't too much more to say. If you want to see the Outsiders throw down with Black Lanterns then this is the comic book for you!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Black Lantern Terra pulling the dual Black Lantern symbols out of the ground is one cool visual.

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