Monday, December 14, 2009


Yee-hah, I'm out of school for about 5 weeks! Not only that, but I'm in a GREAT mood to boot! My Accounting professor informed me that I'll be getting a B+ in that class, and with how difficult that course was, I'm beyond pleased about that! As for my other classes, I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that I'll be raking in all A's, which will raise my GPA even higher. While that's all fine and good, I have to admit, I'm DEAD tired! I picked up about three hours sleep last night, thanks to my own stupidity. Note to self: NEVER put off finishing three papers until the night before they're due!

As I type these lines out, my eyes are literally burning, so I can see I'll be ending this post pretty soon. Before the end though, I should probably put something comic book related in this post, since this is a comic blog... Umm, let's see, I plan on posting reviews for Justice Society of America #33, JL: Cry for Justice #5 and Batman and Robin #6 sometime tomorrow night. I've already read JSA and JL, and before I pass out later on tonight, I plan on breezing through B&R #6. After that, I'm going to start blowing through the ever growing pile of comic books I've been ignoring thanks to my school related duties, so expect tons of half-hearted, shoddy reviews on a nightly basis!

Besides that, I'm currently reading through the Flash: Wonderland TPB, which is significant because it collects the first storyline of Geoff Johns Flash run. It's funny looking back at these comics now, because Geoff really spells out alot of his future plans in this trade. First of all, in the first Flash issue Geoff does, Barry Allen(a mirror version)makes an appearance, which caused me to chuckle... Man does Geoff like the character of Barry Allen or what! The first chance he got, he brought Barry into the Flash comic! Geoff also has the Rogues treat Wally as if he were still Kid Flash, and not fit to fill Barry's boots(big surprise there...), and in my favorite part thus far, Wally comes across a portrait of Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern Museum(don't ask)and talks about how Hal was a hero and how he couldn't understand how it had all gone so wrong with Hal. Even though those words were coming out of Wally's mouth, you know they were actually emanating from Geoff's heart. Although the returns of Hal and Barry diminished the roles of Wally and Kyle(two characters I really like), you've got to respect Geoff for making sure to resurrect two characters he was/is obviously a huge fan of. Hell, I know if I was a comic book writer, I'd do the exact same thing. Huh, this post sure went in a weird direction, didn't it? Well, before I continue to blather on, I think now is as good an opportunity as any to end this post the only way I know how... Long Live The Legion!!!


  1. Congratulations on another semester down, X-Man! I'm kind of jealous that you get so much free time, but my 2 week break starts on Friday night, so it's not that far off for me too.

    As much as I like Johns, his Flash work is some of his least impressive stuff, in my mind. I think it's because I love Mark Waid's stuff so much (you can't mess with the whole "book that made me love comics" thing...) I've probably mentioned that all before, but it still surprises me that I feel that way about Johns' work. Favorite writer + favorite hero= disappointment?! You got a B+ in Accounting, so tell me how that math makes sense. But I do remember that The Flash: Ignition storyline totally rules.

    I hate being as tired as you described, because you feel soooo loopy. But I also kind of like it, because you don't have to wait at all to go to sleep, you just go out. I think that's one thing about me and sleep, I always put it off, because I hate laying (lying?? I always forget which one people do) there waiting to doze off.

    Well, take it easy X-Man. I hope your break is slow and personally fulfilling.

  2. Thanks Kello. Man you must be so looking forward to Friday!

    Hmm, let's see, using my new Accounting acumen(heh!)if you carry the one and then subtract by 50, it's a mathematical fact that you find Geoff's Flash run a disappointment because you had unrealistically high expectations for Geoff's Flash run. Either that or like you said, nobody and nothing could compare to the way you veiw Mark's Flash run(Flash run... HA!).

    Ugh, that was half my problem last night. After I was finally finished typing up papers and doing some last minute cramming for today, I was so wired I just couldn't get to sleep. At around 4 AM I was so close to just putting the light back on and reading comics until it was time to drive to school. But 3 hours sleep is better than none at all.

    Thanks again Kello, here's hoping this week flies by for you.