Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Quick Look at Dark Avengers Annual #1

Writer: BENDIS! Pencils: Chris Bachalo.

What Happened: We discover that after Marvel Boy(Noh-Varr)abandoned the Dark Avengers after learning they were all either criminals or insane(or is some cases both!)he began trying to contact the Kree Supreme Intelligence for orders. Having no success, Noh-Varr decides to try to figure out what humans want and why they act the way they do. While sitting in a park eating raw eggs, Noh-Varr witnesses a break up between a woman and her boyfriend. Noh-Varr approaches the woman to try to understand what was going on when the Sentry appears in the air above Noh-Varr demanding that he returns to the Dark Avengers with him. Noh-Varr attacks Sentry with some of his fancy, futuristic Kree weaponry, but that only serves to annoy Sentry, who ultimately gets a hold of Noh-Varr. Before Sentry can do any real damage to Noh-Varr, the woman Noh-Varr was conversing with earlier blasts Sentry out of the sky with a discarded weapon of Noh-Varr's(more on that later...). Sentry is forced to abandon the battle in order to avoid the blast, and Noh-Varr grabs his bag of weapons and escapes. Noh-Varr then heads to one of his safe houses and successfully contacts the Supreme Intelligence(more on that later...). The Supreme Intelligence decides that it will be Noh-Varr's job to watch over humanity, and to help him accomplish that duty the Supreme Intelligence fits Noh-Varr with a brand new set of Nega-Bands. Osborn and his Dark Avengers discover they can no longer track Noh-Varr(because of the Bands), and Noh-Varr tracks down the woman from earlier and says good-bye for now. This issue ends with Captain America and a blond guy named "Steve"(more on that later...)watching Noh-Varr from a distance, trying to decide if they should attempt to contact him and make him a member of their Norman Osborn resistance group.

What I Thought: Well, on the bright side Noh-Varr was in this comic, and he wasn't killed off. That's a good thing, right? However there were A LOT of little things in this comic that were WAY off. First off, I respect that the Dread Lord BENDIS at least tried to keep Noh-Varr close to the way Grant Morrison created him. BENDIS did get a number of things about Noh-Varr correct, however he managed to butcher a lot about Noh-Varr as well. First off, why was Noh-Varr carrying his weapons around in a bag? Noh-Varr has access to any weapon he requires due to his futuristic gauntlets. In other words, Noh-Varr doesn't need to carry any weapons around in a bag, his gauntlets can create any weapons he needs! Next up, and most galling, is the appearance of the Supreme Intelligence... Um, BENDIS, the Supreme Intelligence isn't the leader of the Kree anymore, the Inhumans are. Not only that, but he's kind of dead.... So Noh-Varr contacting, and receiving Nega-Bands from the dead Supreme Intellegence is definitely pretty impressive. Finally, the end of this comic pretty much spoiled Captain America Reborn BIG TIME! Unless I'm TOTALLY wrong, Bucky(dressed as Captain America)and Steve Rogers are watching Noh-Varr from a distance... That's a REALLY big problem considering the fact that Steve hasn't officially come back yet!!! Not only that, but this issue pretty much tells us who will be wearing the Captain America outfit(Bucky)and who won't be(Steve). Besides all that, I was glad that it seems Noh-Varr does still have a place in the Marvel Universe, hopefully though, where ever he does end up will be far away from BENDIS!

Score: 6 out of 10.So that's Noh-Varr's new costume. I don't think I like it...

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