Friday, December 25, 2009

A Quick Look at Captain America: Reborn #4(of 6)

Writer: Ed Brubaker. Pencils: Bryan Hitch.

What happened: The Red Skull, Crossbones and Sin visit Dr. Doom in Latveria, where Doom brings them to Armin Zola, who is working on a way to return Capt. America to the present. In the meantime, Norman Osborn's right-hand woman, Victoria Hand, is preparing to deliver Sharon Carter to Dr. Doom. Hank Pym and Reed Richards have figured out that Sharon is the key to returning Captain America to the present, but are unsure of how to find her now that she is in the custody of Norman Osborn. Black Widow, Bucky, and Clint Barton take care of that problem by attacking a HAMMER mobile data collector and discovering where Sharon was being held. However, Sharon is already in Latveria, where she, Captain America's body, and the Red Skull are being hooked up to machines. Captain America, still stuck in the past, is suddenly pulled forward in time, and his body in Doom's lab suddenly begins to stir. This issue concludes with Sharon realizing in horror that it isn't Steve Rogers in Captain America's body, but the Red Skull.

What I thought: I liked this issue, it wasn't great or anything, but it was a good comic book. To me Dr. Doom really stole the show, especially with the way he was constantly insulting everybody around him. So now, the Red Skull is in possession of Captain America's body... I still don't exactly get why, but you know how wacky super villains are, always with their crazy master plans. Personally, if I were the Red Skull, I would have happily left Steve Rogers dead instead of allowing for his potential return. But I guess that's why I'm not a crazy super villain. Since it's sitting right in front of me, I guess I might as well review the next issue of this miniseries now.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.

As usual, Doom really brought the awesomeness to this issue!

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