Friday, December 18, 2009

A Quick Look at Dark Avengers #10

Writer: BENDIS. Artist: Mike Deodato.

What Happened: After learning that the daughter of a politician has gone missing in the small town of Dinosaur, Colorado, Norman "Marvel" Osborn sends the Sentry to get to the bottom of the situation. Upon arriving the Senty(painfully)vanishes. Osborn assembles the Dark Avengers and the team arrives in force. Osborn sends Moonstone in first, and she ends up vanishing as well. This issue ends with Osborn appearing at the feet of the Molecule Man, who is surrounded by Mephisto, the Beyonder, the Enchantress, and that evil demon from Ghost Rider(the one whose name begins with a "Z").

What I Thought: For a BENDIS written comic this one wasn't all that bad. It was readable, and BENDIS kept his customary terrible dialogue to a minimum. As for the ending, I'm guessing the Molecule Man is behind everything and that the other 4 figures are just illusions.

Score: 7 out of 10.Ah, more great dialogue from the Dread Lord...

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