Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Quick Look at Outsiders #24

Writer: Peter Tomasi. Pencils: Fernando Pasarin.

What Happened: Fresh off of her appearance against the Titans, Black Lantern Terra heads to the headquarters of the Outsiders in order to talk(yes talk!)to her brother Geo-Force. BL Terra explains that she doesn't want to do the evil things her Black lantern ring is telling her to do and that she just wants to die and be forgotten again. BL Terra even allows the team to cut off her BL ring, which of course just reattaches itself to her again. Meanwhile, Halo, Katana and Creeper are driving Killer Croc back to prison when Katana's dead husband and sons attack her truck. Katana obviously wants to hear the Black Lantern versions of her family out, but Creeper and Halo are dubious of the BL's intentions and as such attack the BL trio. After watching the battle for a little bit, Katana realizes that these aren't her dead loved ones and this issue ends with Katana attacking her BL husband with her sword.

What I Thought: I have to admit that I loved BL Terra's attempts at gaining the Outsiders trust before attacking them. I mean, we all do realize that she IS going to attack them in the end, right? The stuff with Katana and company I really couldn't care less about, I know next to nothing about Katana, Halo and Creeper, so their plight doesn't move me much at all. I was hoping for a bit more from this comic, but all in all, this was a good Blackest Night x-over issue, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the next issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.Damn tricky zombies!!!

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