Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Few Quick Thoughts on: Supergirl #47

Writer: Sterling Gates. Artist: Matt Camp.

What I Thought: I definitely enjoyed this one. The story was sound, the art was good, and the swerve at the end made perfect sense, even if it was pretty obvious. I liked the way Sterling worked in the flashbacks Alura was having about her departed husband, Zor-El, without having the flashbacks take away from the story. I'm guessing that Alura and her lackey, Commander Gor, will force out everything Reactron knows about Project 7734 and it's leader, Gen. Sam Lane. Once she discovers that Lane orchestrated the assassination of her husband, things in the Superman-universe should get VERY interesting. I for one am getting extremely curious to see how DC is going to wrap up the New Krypton/Gen. Lane storyline. Will the Kryptonians attack Earth? Will Lane start a war with New Krypton first? And of course, where will Supes fit into this whole equation? Yeah, things are really starting to heat up in the Superman family of books.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.I shudder to think of what Commander Gor is going to do with that rod he's brandishing at Reactron... My brain works in weird ways.


  1. Kryptonian Crystal Probe! That Science Guild sure knows what it's doing...

    I heard this issue was good from these reviewers I watch on Youtube, so I bought it at the store (along with Blackest Night #5!). I was very impressed with the art and the storytelling. But I still really dislike Supergirl. I kept wishing Alura had her own comic instead.

  2. "Kryptonian Crystal Probe!" Remind me to never make any Kryptonians mad at me...

    Supergirl is one of those characters I have no feelings towards one way or the other. While I did like this issue, I probably won't bother buying any SG comics until the next big Superman x-over. The story and especially the art was very well done. I thought the art from the prior issue was even better, which is really saying something.

    Ooo, I'm definitely looking forward to hearing(reading?)what you thought about BN #5 Kello!