Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Quick Look at Green Lantern Corps #43

Writer: Peter Tomasi. Pencils: Patrick Gleason.

What Happened: This issue begins with Guy Gardner and Soranik Natu(Kyle Rayner's girlfriend)heading to Kyle's dead body. Guy tries to keep Kyle's ring from leaving, while Soranik attempts to restart Kyle's heart. Neither one meets with much success. Guy, being Guy, flips out and starts ranting and raving about Kyle's death, which causes a Red Lantern ring to affix itself to Guy's hand, transforming him into a Red Lantern. Guy, now a Red Lantern, goes on a rampage and begins killing every Black Lantern he sees. While Guy is running amok, Natu is trying to fight off several black rings, which are trying to affix themselves to Kyle, which would turn him into a Black Lantern. Luckily for Soranik, one of the Indigo Lanterns arrives on the scene along with a few Green Lanterns and together they try to keep the black rings from transforming Kyle. On another part of Oa, Kryb and a Star Sapphire battle against an army of Black Lantern children. Kryb doesn't understand that the children are dead, and refuses to attack them. The Star Sapphire becomes aware of Natu's heartache over Kyle's death and heads towards her. Guy arrives on the scene and attacks both the Black Lantern children and Kryb, killing all of them. The Star Sapphire reaches Natu, and does some weird Star Sapphire magic, which ultimately results in Kyle coming back to life. Upon Kyle's rebirth, his ring returns to him, and he's once again welcomed into the Green Lantern Corps. From there Kyle's compatriots tell him what happened with Guy, and Kyle decides he's going to help Guy rid himself of the red ring. This issue ends with Mogo heading to Oa, apparently to lend a hand in the battle.

What I Thought: Well, Kyle's death sure didn't last long, did it! Obviously as a fan of Kyle's I'm happy about that, although I thought the way he came back with sort of cheap. But at least he's back. This issue was good, if unspectacular. However, I find myself wondering if I would've enjoyed this comic more if I wasn't reading a zillion Blackest Night books seemingly all at once... As of right now, I swear that I won't read another Blackest Night comic book until the new year. Seriously!!!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Yeah, you definitely don't want to piss off Red Lantern Guy Gardner!

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