Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ultimate X-Men #18

So in the end I decided to review Ultimate X-Men instead of New Mutants(which was kind of boring) or Winter Soldier(which was FANTASTIC, but would have taken a lot of effort to write a semi-coherent review for).  Of course, I've already posted mini-reviews for both New Mutants and Winter Soldier over at the forum, as well as scores and thoughts.  So hit the forum up if you're interested in talking about those two books, or any comics really.  Anyway, last review of the week time.  Let's get to it.

Ultimate X-Men #18

Summary: Kitty Pryde successfully leads her ragtag mutant army against the Sentinel force, taking down the Sentinels and apparently ending the menace of William Stryker once and for all(we can only hope...).  While Kitty and her group are fighting for their lives, Rogue is fooling around with Quentin Quire, who can touch Rogue(or at least make Rogue think he can touch her).  After the battle, Nick Fury sets up a meeting between Kitty and the new president of the US in the Ultimate Marvel U, Captain America.  Cap basically offers Kitty a reservation for mutantkind to live on(because we all know reservations worked out SO well for Native Americans!) or a cure to their mutations.  In other words, they can live on a reservation or not be mutants anymore...  Hmm, decisions  decisions ..  Anyway, Kitty acts all aghast that Cap would dare to offer her a chance to get rid of her mutation(and all of the hatred that goes along with it) and leaves the meeting crestfallen.

Thoughts: Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say it...  Is it REALLY that bad to have your mutation "cured"?  I mean living a normal life, NOT being attacked by crazed robots or wild bigots, is that REALLY a bad thing?  But naturally, Kitty acts like Cap pissed on her leg or something when he broached the subject.  Go figure.  If anything, the reservation idea should have disturbed her more, because, much like Utopia, putting a bunch of mutants in a stationary place is a recipe for disaster.  Especially in the Ultimate U, where humans hate mutants even more than in the 616(probably deservedly so due to Magneto's antics).  On top of that, my hatred of Kitty is well documented  so I don't like her as the "face" of mutantkind.  Besides those little gripes though, this comic told a good story and hopefully got rid of William Stryker.  Now let's hope he stays gone...

Score: 7 out of 10.
ultimate x-men #18
Oh great...  MORE Sentinels!!!


  1. Just to let you know, most Mutants have accepted their powers and really, can you think they can LIVE a normal life even if they get their powers cured? People would know they had powers since most of the X-Men don't wear masks, and some have only known being a mutant.

    Besides, with a world full of monsters and evil entities and mutant psychos, they DO need the heroic mutants who can take these guys on.

  2. I don't know that I'd say that MOST mutants have accepted their powers. Especially since the Ultimate U has WAY more mutants than the 616 U. Sure, most of the X-Men have(with a few exceptions), but who's to say a mutant with a relatively useless mutation, one who isn't on the X-Men or Brotherhood, wouldn't want it "cured" so they could live a normal life and escape the stigma of being associated with the likes of Magneto? As for the second part of that question, since the X-Men have lost so many friends and allies to the fact that they are mutants, why not live a normal life? If they tried hard enough, I'm sure somebody like Rogue could.

    I wouldn't argue that, although that's kind of what a team like the Ultimates is supposed to be there for(even though they've done a relatively sucky job of protecting the country). But yeah, that's harder to refute, especially in light of the Ultimates failure to prevent the really bad villain attacks. If all the good mutants gave up their powers, the evil ones would run roughshod.

  3. Aggh I hate the mutant cure thing. Maybe Last Stand made me bitter... but I still groan whenever the "cure for mutants" dilemma pops up.

    But otherwise, yeah a good read.