Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Comic Day! November 7th Edition

Hey Blog Readers that are unfortunately referred to as X-Maniacs, JT here with the first half of this week's New Comic Day post. As always, I will review three comics over the next week, as will my cohort X. Everything we don't review will get a mention over at X-Man's Comic Forum. So let's get to it shall we? My comic haul this week includes Detective Comics #14, Green Lantern #14, Legends of the Dark Knight #2, Smallville Season 10 #7, Avengers Academy #39 (The final issue), Avenging Spider-Man #14, AVX Consequences #5, Deadpool #1, Iron Man #1, and Scarlet Spider #11. So with a grand total of ten comics, I have plenty to choose from. I think I'm going leave Avengers Academy for my buddy X, poetic justice since he's reviewed a majority of the issues here. I'll review AVX Consequences #5, Green Lantern #14, and Scarlet Spider #11. My review days this week are Friday, Sunday and Tuesday, so now I'll hand things over to my running mate, good ol' X!

Running mate, eh?  I DO like the sound of President X...  Although I'd be constantly watching my back with JT as my Vice President...  Anyway, as JT did indeed point out, it is time for this week's NCD post!  So huzzah!!  With JT getting a surprising 10 books(what is it, a full moon or something?!), let's dig into the old comic bag and see what I wound up with...  Hypernaturals #5, Stormwatch #14, Avengers #33, Avengers Academy #39, Avenging Spider-Man #14, AvX: Consequences #5, Deadpool #1, Iron Man #1, Scarlet Spider #11, Uncanny X-Force #33, X-Factor #246.  Hey, I edged JT out by a single comic!  I'll be reviewing Avengers Academy #39, Iron Man #1 and Deadpool #1(which I'm kind of surprised JT didn't take for himself.).  My review days are Thursday, Saturday and Monday, with Academy getting the first review of the week.  Like my VP, JT said, any of the books that aren't reviewed here, WILL get a review over at the forum, so don't forget to check that place out.  Annnnnd, that's it.  Until next time, X out.


  1. BOTH OF YOU as Fans of Damian Hellstrom I must Urge you to buy new avengers #31 and 32 and the rest of the current and final of bendis's run on it. BIG THINGS

  2. Huh. I wish New Avengers wasn't a $4 comic... I do love me some Daimon, but $4 is a steep price to pay for New Avengers. Especially with how much I hate that team... I'll def keep an eye open for this issue and see if I can snag it at a lower price. Thanks for the info, Movieartman.