Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mighty Thor #22

This is the last issue of this series before it switches over to Thor: God of Thunder, written by Jason Aaron.  Believe it or not, Matt Fraction's Thor was the first Thor run that actually got me hooked on Thor.  I tried JMS's Thor run, but it did absolutely nothing for me.  So this issue is a tad bittersweet for me personally.  Anyway, this issue is an Everything Burns aftermath.

Mighty Thor #22(Final issue):

Summary: Odin is pissed that Thor and Loki tricked him out of his self-imposed exile to deal with the threat of Surtur.  To that end, Odin wants Thor banished from Asgardia, and decides to hold a trail for Thor in front of representatives from all the nine worlds.  Odin has the Enchantress defend Thor(since Odin was too close to the case), while Thor is defended by Hreidmar, a troll, or dwarf, or elf, or something like that...  Hreidmar was from that storyline with the dream mare things.  Anyway, Odin and Freyja leave the "court" and head to Asgard-space, where I suspect Odin has other plans...  Anyway, Enchantress makes a very good case, and points out all of the things that Thor had done wrong with his recklessness and impulsiveness, while Hreidmar counters that by saying that Thor always sets everything right.  Eventually, Balder arrives from Limbo(don't ask me what he was doing there!) and tells the gathered that Thor is Asgardia's collective warrior's spirit, and exiling Thor would be like tearing the heart out of Asgardia.  With that, Balder announces he stands by Thor, and is soon joined by the rest of Asgardia, as the Enchantress takes her leave.  Afterwards, Thor confronts Odin and inquires what this was all about.  Odin is coy and leaves, and this one ends with Freyja telling Thor that while they were in Asgard-space Odin knocked her up...  Oh that wacky Odin...

Thoughts: This issue was basically the trail of Thor.  As such, it was a bit of a recap comic.  I mean it was okay and all, but it wasn't great.  It dragged at times(mainly during the parts I had already read), but it was a pretty good comic to read heading into the new Thor series.  If you need a Thor refresher, this issue is ideal.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
 mighty thor #22
Hey look, it's Thor!  And he's fighting various menaces!!


  1. hey x-man and JT your both fans of Damian Hellstrom right?

    check out this badass image of him by Philip Tan

  2. I am quite the fan of poor Daimon(JT? Not so much) and I must say, that image is quite awesome. Now if only they'd turn him back into a hero/vigilante and stick him on the T-Bolts/Avengers, I'd be happy! Daimon def deserves a better fate than the one he's currently getting...

  3. X is right, I don't know much of Hellstrom, I think may introduction might actually be that Venom arc sadly... which is a horrible introduction... but that picture id BAD ASS.

    1. Ugh, if that is your introduction to the character, I feel bad for you, JT. Daimon is def a better character than the randomly evil one you're seeing in Venom. Some of his really old appearances(which I was able to luck into on the cheap) are pretty great. His Defenders appearances, the WCA appearances, that mini from a few years back, all not bad. His 90's series? Pretty weird...