Thursday, November 1, 2012

AVX Consequences #4

Hey Guys, Gals and Troll readers, JT here with my first review of the week. Before I start, thanks to X for putting up my side of the NCD post, you're an awesome guy and a jerk. So, awesome jerk. Anyway,  remember that anything myself and my cohort don't get a chance to review or touch upon this week can be discussed at the X-Man Comic Forum, so feel free to drop by there. Now that the cheap plugs are done, let's get things started.

AVX Consequences #4

Summary: This issue starts off with Stark going to see Cyclops in prison, when he asks for his help in studying the Phoenix force, because Tony can;t stop thinking about it. Cyclops is in no mood to help Stark until he reveals that he knew the end result with Hope would create more mutants, Cyclops, a bit surprised, decides to help Tony with his findings. From there we jump around a bit, and see that Abigail Brand is helping Magneto stay ahead of the authorities in finding him, because although she's part alien, she's also part mutant, and she's loyal to Cyclops' Extinction team because they wanted mutants to have a future. Next we see Hope and Namor, as Hope is underwater beneath Utopia, as she's looking for records on her Dad, as well as her jetpack. Hope asks Namor how he could justify destroying Wakanda after saying it was just war, he tells her that for the first time ever, he felt small, and he dislikes that feeling.Next up we see Storm finding Colossus, who has a beard... over his metal face... that makes me laugh for some reason. Colossus seems to be repeatedly building his sister's face in stone, then smashing it. He tells Storm that he trusted his heart and that was a mistake, and he won't do so again. He then tells her to turn him in or leave him be, and as Storm leaves, Colossus tells her one more thing, he she finds his sister, to kill her. As Storm is leaving, she's confronted my Magneto, who says he made the decision to leave Colossus be as well. It seems that Magneto is back to the role of the villain, with Magik siding with him as well, he tells Storm that the time of hero and villain walking arm in arm for a better greater purpose is over now. A week later at the prison, we see Cyclops and the new mutant Jake, as Jake is getting a tattoo done, when a guard comes to get Cyclops for his meeting with Stark. As Cyclops is leaving, Jake is attacked by a group of prisoners who stab him, Cyclops comes to his rescue but is disabled by the guard due to the helmet he has to wear. Later, Wolverine comes to visit Cyclops and he tells him that Jake didn't make it. An angry Cyclops asks Wolverine why he's there, and he says he heard about what happened from Stark and he thought he could use some talking down. Cyclops says he doesn't need it but Wolverine says he does, and he knows what Cyclops is thinking of doing next. He says he believes he didn't purposely kill the Professor, and that Cyclops has always been a role model to Wolverine, showed him how to be a better man. He says he still asks himself sometimes, what would Scott Summers do, and what Cyclops is thinking next, Scott Summers wouldn't do. Cyclops thanks Wolverine for his words before Wolverine takes off. Cyclops sits there for a minute before taking out a pouch of metal shavings (which he procured in issue 3) and writing out "Now" with them. The issue comes to a close as we see Magneto with Danger and Magik, as he states "Villains it is."

Thoughts: It's crazy, I honestly think that AVX Consequences is leaps and bounds better than AVX. This issue was great, I loved seeing the different conversations, especially with Wolverine and Cyclops at the end. I like that it seems we're going to have a clear cut villains team, and Cyclops, Magneto, Magik and Danger is interesting, what's even more interesting is the fact Emma may be opposing this team since she's still upset with Scott. I'm really excited for the next issue, as well as for what Wolverine's reaction will be once Cyclops escapes. Plus, I'm all for the prospect of a villainous Cyclops to bring some life to the character, as well as his inevitable death now.

Score: 8.5/10 

Wolverine: Even now, in the school, when i want to pop claws through some smarmy kid, I still ask myself... What Would Scott Summers Do?


  1. I hate a lot of the character developments you described here, but the writing does sound interesting (Kieron Gillen saying goodbye to his team of X-men? That's something I can get behind.)

    Thanks for the review by the way JT, I just checked this site on a whim. I figured since you and X are going on hiatus there was no reason to come back.

  2. No problem Trobb, and our Hiatus is actually over haha, X had some stuff to deal with and I just needed a week, but there may be a big change soon, if so you can count on X to announce that.

  3. Agreed on everything here. I thought that Magneto and Storm's conversation was key, since it really makes it clear that the world is going to see Magneto and his team as villains, regardless of whether they are or not. I'm really surprised that they're not getting their own book in Marvel NOW! since I really think the different world views of Scott and Magneto would be endlessly interesting. I actually hadn't thought of adding in Emma, but now suddenly I want her there bad, since I can only imagine the fun!

    I also agree that it's better than "Avengers vs. X-Men." Reading this series, with the smoother portrayal of Scott, I really have to give props to Marvel for spending the last few years slowly turning Scott into a villain. It's not the sort of instant change that we often see in comics and the care they took in transitioning him there is really paying dividends to my mind.