Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saga #3

I've been enjoying this series through the first two issues... It's been good. However, as we move along I'm expecting it to go from “good” to “great”... Hopefully that transformation begins in this issue.

Saga #3:

Story Points:
-With Marco near death and the Horrors surrounding her and Hazel, things look bleak for Alana...
-At least until the Horrors reveal they have no ill will towards Alana or Hazel.
-It turns out the Horrors were the ghosts of the indigenous children of the planet where the war between Alana and Marco's people was taking place.
-One of the Horrors, Izabel(I may be off with the spelling, I don't have the comic here at work with me...), offers to bring Marco to a place where there was snow, which is what Marco needed for a healing spell to save himself...
-In return, Izabel wanted to be bonded to Hazel's soul...
-After some thought, and getting a guarantee that no harm would come to Hazel with this bonding(at least until Hazel died), Alana agrees and Izabel takes the trio to a magic boat.
-This one ends with the delirious Marco swearing his undying love to his beloved Gwendoline(sp?), which shocks the hell out of Alana.

Thoughts: We're getting there... We're slowly getting to that “great” region I'm hoping to see... The story is still moving forward, the characters are slowly being filled out(including the Stalk, the Will and Prince Robot, who I didn't even mention in this review), the art is already strong, same as the dialogue, I'm telling you, within three more issues I'm seriously expecting this series to be amongst my monthly favorites, as well as pulling down 9's and 10's as scores. For now though, we'll go with an...

Score: 8 out of 10.

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