Friday, May 25, 2012

Deadpool #55

Awesome, it's Deadpool! So last issue Deadpool was cured of his healing factor and as a result his face and body aren't deformed anymore... What's next for Pool? Let's find out!

Deadpool #55:

Story Points:
-Pool decides that he didn't need his healing factor and that he had to reestablish his reputation, and as such needs to make a splash...
-That splash? Taking down the Intellencia.
-The Intellencia are having a meeting to discuss... Well, nothing. MODOK has decided to let the heroes tear each other apart and then his group could pick up the pieces.
-At that moment Pool attacks and sets off explosives.
-With the Intellencia's base being underwater. Pool figures they'd all drown.
-However, they use Wizard's anti-gravity tech to escape and the Trapster goes after Pool.
-With the Trapster having the advantage of the high ground due to the anti-grav platform, he manages to DEFEAT Deadpool!
-After some time, Pool wakes up floating in the water and comes to the horrific realization that he had just lost to Paste Pot Pete!!!

Thoughts: This issue was a blast to read... From Deadpool's lame attempt at shaving, to his hilarious zinger about the Hulk(and then wishing the Leader was there since it would have had a bigger impact), to just about everything here. This was a great issue. It was funny, there was a strong story, it had everything a great comic needs. After the ending of this one, I'll be interested to see what Pool does with himself after that humiliating defeat...

Score: 9 out of 10.


  1. I only had like three books this week and this was definitely #1, not just because Aquaman was meh until the ending and because Dark Knight pissed me off immensely since it advertised Red Robin and he was only in ONE PANEL, but because this was a freakin awesome issue. I was wondnering how Pool would deal with not being able to take ass whoopings, bullets and explosions the way he used to and now we know, this is going to be a very interesting turn for him, plus I still wanna see what Outlaw thinks of the new, pretty boy, Deadpool.

  2. Seriously, the only problem is that this should have happened much sooner than it did. Daniel Way was sandbagging.

  3. Yup, this issue ruled big time. I loved when Pool was drowning and he was like, "Meh, I'll just wait it out down here." And his brain was like, "Umm, no, you can't..." So it seems Pool will have to choose between his great looks or his healing factor... Poor guy.

    JT? After reading that, I am SO glad my shop DIDN'T have B:DK #9 in stock! I was bummed when I saw the rack empty, but now? I see I saved $3!

  4. I was thinking the same thing about him choosing... time will tell. Is it weird that now that he's handsome I kinda don't want him to wear the mask? Lol. Damn handsome Deadpool.

    Dude.. you have NO IDEA how pissed I was. I'm reading it like... okay....where's Tim? I mean he's ON THE COVER FIGHTING A TALON!!!! And he showed up for one panel along with Bats, Robin and Nightwing. Ugh.

  5. It be funny of Pool changed his costume to show off his new looks. You know, I could actually see him doing something like that... Provided he relearns how to shave!

    Wow, that's just terrible... I mean I thought the whole purpose of that issue was to get a Tim-centric story! I feel bad for you, but I am SO happy I didn't get that issue now!