Thursday, May 17, 2012

AvX: Vs #2

Check me out, here's another review being posted a day earlier than I had expected! Bah, see that, a full time job and I'm STILL managing to keep this blog somewhat up to date!

AvX: Vs #2(of 6):

Story Points:
-The first story is drawn AND written by Steve McNiven, which should give a big hint at who's winning. Btw, the first fight is Captain America vs Gambit in the Savage Land.
-Cap spends the beginning portion of this fight talking to Iron Man, thus pissing Gambit off.
-Gambit manages to snag Cap's shield, charge it up and throw it back at Cap, narrowly missing him.
-Cap manages to get his hands on Gambit, but Gambit proceeds to charge Cap's UNIFORM, blowing it up, at which point he figures he'd won the battle...
-In actuality, all he's done is managed to get Cap's undivided attention, at which point Cap thrashes Gambit, adding another victory for the Avengers.
-Next up, Spider-Man vs Colo-naut in Latveria.
-Spidey tries to use all of his old Juggernaut strategies against Colo-naut...
-That goes poorly for Spidey as Colo-naut is a way more skilled fighter than Juggy was.
-There's literally nothing Spidey can do to stop Colo-naut's barrage.
-In the end, DD arrives and tells a battered Spidey that Hope wasn't in Latveria, at which point Spidey and DD take off, leaving Colo-naut victorious, and giving the X-Men their first win.

Thoughts: Again, much like the last issue, I really love this concept. No stories, no real thought, just a full-on fight. So this issue puts the Avengers up 3-1, as well as making my guesses 3-1 as well(damn Namor/Thing fight...). I liked the way the Cap/Gambit fight went, because, let's face it, the only way Gambit had a chance was if Cap was distracted, and once Cap wasn't distracted? Game over. Now, I WAS a bit surprised that Spidey took the loss to Colo-naut... Spidey is probably the most popular Marvel character(if not the most popular character in all of comics), so while logic dictated that he should lose to Colo-naut, I wasn't sure if he'd find a way to emerge victorious. Honestly, I'd have been fine if he did win, but with that said? The more powerful character definitely won. Much like after reading issue #1, I'm eagerly anticipating the next issue.

Score: 9 out of 10.


  1. Totally. I feel like "Uncanny X-Men" is doing the same thing, fleshing out some of the fights, but it's a whole lot less fun than "AVX:VS" has been. I like the fact that they're totally upfront about the fact that this series is total fluff in terms of plot. But, it's damn fun, and I'm totally willing to shell out another $16 or so for the rest of it!

  2. I'm actually surprised Marvel or DC hadn't thought of something like this before... It's really a great idea. It's a fun read, and you really don't have to put any thought at all into it. IMO it's way better than those Frontline books Marvel usually puts out with their events.