Monday, May 7, 2012

Daredevil #12

It's Monday and I only have two comics left to read in my new comic pile... What that means is the next two nights will see me reviewing two books that I have very little interest in... But as always, I am the eternal optimist and am hoping one of these books(probably this one) gives me a pleasant surprise.

Daredevil #12:

Summary: Matt Murdock and Assistant DA Kristen McDuffie go out on a date. During it, Matt recounts an early meeting between himself and Foggy Nelson, basically explaining why Foggy has always remained loyal to Matt(basically Matt helped Foggy not get expelled from college due to a vengeful professor)... Yeah, there's an interesting date subject... As the date draws close to an end, Kristen and Matt prepare to get romantic, but are interrupted by a member of the Black Spectre organization. The Spectre basically tells Matt to hand over the Omega Drive to the Spectres or they'd make Matt's friends suffer the consequences.

Thoughts: Okay, I have to admit, I liked this comic. It was mainly a story about Matt and Foggy in college, but it worked. I can honestly say I haven't read very many(if any...) “DD in college” stories, so this issue was a treat. Add the ending and you have a good comic here. That's not to say this issue was without flaws, because it wasn't. For example, why would DD decide to go out on a date when he has several crime organizations gunning for him due to his holding the Omega Drive? Why not just paint a nice big target on Kristen's back? They're villains! Of course they're going to go after DD's friends to get what they want! Besides that, DD asked Spidey to keep an eye on things during his date and yet Spidey just sort of vanished when that Spectre taunted Matt, claiming Spidey had been, “diverted”... Nice work there, Web-Head... Overall though, I did enjoy this issue and look forward to seeing how the DD/Omega-Drive story ends up.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
daredevil #12
Spidey still being hung up about the Black Cat thing is pretty funny stuff.

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