Monday, May 21, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9

So the Nightwing issue of the Night of Owls was okay, let's see if the Red Hood issue can go higher than just okay...

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9:

Story Points:
-The Court of Owls have targeted Mr. Freeze, so Red Hood sends Arsenal & Starfire to save Freeze from the Talons...
-Freeze doesn't appreciate the help.
-As for Jason, he gets to face a Talon who ends up leading Jason to an abandoned circus area.
-The Talon and Jason have a heart to heart about having died and starting over again...
-In the end, the Talon doesn't appreciate it's half-life and asks Jason to kill it. Jason does as asked.
-After some difficulty, Arsenal and Starfire save Freeze from the Talons, knock him out and drop him off at the GCPD.

Thoughts: Huh... I don't know about the way Scott Lobdell wrote that Talon here... That was pretty weird... All of the Talons prior to this were pretty much one-minded, emotionless machines programed to follow the Court's orders... Except for this Talon, who wasn't... Like I said, it was weird. For the most part this was a good issue, but that stuff with the Talon really bugged me...

Score: 7 out of 10.


  1. Yea that sensible Talon was prety weird but again I enjoyed this way more than the previous stuff with the All Castle

    and By the way this Wendsday cames out the first Justice League Dark Issue written by Jeff lemire here is a preview it looks fantastic...

  2. the talon in the Catwoman tie in issue was also emotional and had some past history stuff

  3. "but again I enjoyed this way more than the previous stuff with the All Caste" I agree with that statement 1,000%, Alien! Yeah, it was a bit odd, but it was WAAAAAAAY better than what we've been getting, so no complaints there! And I'm def looking forward to seeing where Lemire takes that series, because it's been a major disappointment so far(imo).

    JT actually mentioned that same thing about Catwoman, Movieartman. I guess it was up to the individual writers to deal with the Talons however they saw fit.

  4. Hey dude, I've heard mixed stuff about this book and Teen Titans so I'm a bit concerned about Lobdell being rumoured as the new writer on Superman. What do you think? Is Lobdell going to be suited to Superman?

  5. Wow, Lobdell is going to get Supes too?! That's a surprise! I haven't been all that high on what Lobdell has been doing on either Red Hood or Teen Titans, but those are both team books, maybe he needs a single character to work with.

    My main gripe is that he's set the characters in both series's against foes that make no sense for them to be taking on. Red Hood has been all about Jason and company taking on some sort of mystical creatures... Not exactly what you'd expect from a fringe Bat-book! Teen Titans has been about the kids dealing with a shadowy government agency(one of many in the new DCU). Both of storylines for both books have been going on since issue #1, so if he does get Supes, I'd expect him to have a long storyarc ready to go. Hopefully it'll be an interesting arc!

  6. Ditto the "Catwoman" stuff. Given that I'm reading all these tie-in issues (and am not all that impressed, to be honest), I actually enjoyed this issue the most, probably because Lobdell uses it to advance some of his own plot points. I thought Barbara's reaction to Jason was interesting, particularly in contrast to the reception he got from Tim last issue. Plus, it's pretty clear that Lobdell wants us to see the parallel between Jason and the Talon. All in all, particularly compared to the other issues in this event, I thought it was good stuff.