Monday, February 27, 2012

Venom #13.3

Well, there's no way this comic can be as bad as the last review I posted... God, at least I hope not!!

Venom #13.3:

Summary: Having died last issue at the hands of Blackheart and his minions, Venom, Red Hulk, X-23 & Bad-Ass Ghost Rider find themselves trapped in Mephisto's Hell. Mephisto first gives them their greatest fantasies, and then has it go horribly wrong, which is actually pretty awesome, as Mephisto points out that the anguish was better after the heroes have their fantasy life destroyed as opposed to simply tormenting them. After having some fun, Mephisto summons the quartet and offers them a chance to leave Hell and get revenge on Blackheart... For a price... Mephisto tells the four heroes that he would need them to band together at a later date to preform an important task for Mephisto, and that once they promise this to him there would be no backing out... With no choice, the four enter into this contract, and this issue ends.

Thoughts: Well, this was WAY better than I expected it to be! Jeff Parker, in this one issue, did a fantastic job fixing the mess Rob Williams made in the past two issues... Now, if Parker was anything like Williams, he'd have made this issue ALL about Red Hulk, since Parker writes the Red Hulk comic book(like how Williams made the past two issues ALL about Bad-Ass Ghost Rider since he wrote her series). Instead, Parker focused on all four characters in this comic(imagine that!), which led to me enjoying this comic way more. I believe with the next issue Rick Remender takes back over, and I can honestly say that this story is now finally moving in the right direction thanks in large part to the efforts of Jeff Parker.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
venom #13.3
Now there's the Mephisto I remember!


  1. Now its up to us to figure out a good team name, Hellvengers? Red&Black
    or maybe Mephisto's Angels (i suppose demons is more appropriate considering the boss as well as the teammembers).

  2. I have to say, I really like Hellvengers... That NEEDS to be the name of that team!

  3. I've actually enjoyed this arc a lot more than I thought. The Williams issues were pretty decent, despite the presence of Bad-Ass Ghost Rider (she's really lame, but I don't let it ruin the issue for me).

    By the way, this new blogger comment format is great! So convenient to not have to have separate windows for the review and my comment!

  4. I definitely wasn't fond of the Williams issues(I've already stated why so I'm not gonna rehash it again!), but this issue really got things back on the right track for me. I'm hopeful that the last two issues really bring the awesome here.

    Great! Blogger changed up the format I had been using since I started this blog, so I figured I'd switch to this style. Glad you like it, I'll probably be sticking with it for good.

  5. It's a decent event, but I'm kind of ready to get back to Flash stories. (I'm also totally over this Ghost Rider. She stole some souls of people in Nicaragua? What the who? I wish I cared enough to find out more information, but I don't.)

    Did you read "Avenging Spider-Man" #4? With Hawkeye? If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts. I was...not so amused.