Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ultimate X-Men #7

First up today is the latest issue of Ultimate X-Men. The best thing about the Ultimate version of the X-Men? No Decimation.

Ultimate X-Men #7:

Summary: This issue basically recounts Quicksilver's last few actions, which all led to the Nimrod Sentinels gaining access to Cerebro technology. Quicksilver blames his thought to be dead sister, the Scarlet Witch for this calamity, since he was following her plans... However, Wanda points out that Pietro DIDN'T follow her plans to the letter, as he boinked some random woman when he was supposed to be meeting with “God”, an action that screwed up her well crafted plans... Supposedly. Wanda tells Pietro to go and beg for God's forgiveness, so Pietro heads to Egypt, where followers of God were worshiping outside a cave. Pietro enters and begs God's forgiveness, and is granted the absolution he wanted. And who was God you ask? How about his father, the thought to be dead Magneto!!

Thoughts: I love that Nick Spencer is basically undoing all of the bullshit that Jeph Loeb did during that horrendous Ultimatum event... Now I'm I'm sure some of you are thinking that's a somewhat hypocritical thing for me to say seeing as that I'm usually such a stickler for continuity. But when it comes to Ultimatum? I say it was SUCH a terrible event it SHOULD be forgotten, and erased from continuity! I mean hell, if DC can erase their entire history, why can't I pretend Ultimatum never happened? Anyway, this was an okay comic with an ending I never saw coming, seeing as that EVERYTHING was pointing towards Apocalypse being the “God” in the cave. The Magneto reveal was a HUGE swerve that has me mildly interested in the next few issues here.

Score: 7 out of 10.
ultimate x-men #7
Man do I hope that's not a shapeshifter...


  1. Wow, I had a completely different reaction to this comic. Considering that Rogue's God was Xavier I was betting this whole time that Pietro's God would be Magneto. I don't think either Xavier or Magneto are themselves and the fact the Pietro went to Egypt makes me think that it is somebody like Apolycalpse that is manipulating all of this.

  2. jermox
    That would be Damn Cool if Ultimate Apockalypse came back. that said it was almost Pathetic how punked he got by the pheniox. if they do bring him back hopefuly they make him a servere badass again,
    my personal theroy is that Wanda is just Screwing with reality and shit, i really dont see how else magneto could be alive (clone, mabye) i mean Cyclops blew his head clean off, and they presumably left his body aboard his floating base witch exploded and crashed in to the ocean.
    but hey its comics ;/

  3. I figured all along that the God in Egypt WAS going to be a revamped Ult. Apocalypse. That's why I was surprised by the Magneto reveal. I wouldn't bet against your theory, Movieartman... I also get the feeling that there's more going on with Wanda than meets the eye, and that she's somehow responsible for returning these dead characters to life. I guess that would make her the anti-616-Scarlet Witch, who pretty much "killed" mutants. The Ultimate Scarlet Witch doing the opposite would be something I'd be 100% fine with... So long as Wolvie stays dead... I prefer Jimmy to him any day...