Monday, February 13, 2012

Superboy #6

Alright, we're in the homestretch, as I'm finally getting towards the bottom of this week's new comic pile! First up tonight is this week's Runt of the Litter, Superboy. Here's hoping this issue turns out better than I expect it to.

Superboy #6:

Summary: We pick up where Teen Titans #5 left off, with Superboy leaving the defeated Titans behind and setting off to find Templar. Feeling melancholy, since his whole life has been nothing but half-truths and lies, Superboy sits on a bridge to mope, when he is spotted by Supergirl. SG confronts SB and inquires as to why he was wearing the symbol of the House of El. SG ends up touching the confused SB, which somehow lets SB see SG's memories, as well as learn how to speak Kryptonian... Oooooookay then... SB mentions to SG that he was a clone(sure, why not put that out there right off the bat?), which leads to SG attacking SB since clones were bad news on Krypton apparently. SG calls SB Kon-El, and says on Krypton, Kon-El was a mindless killing machine. SB gets distracted by a nearby helicopter, which allows SG to give him the slip, since she wasn't sure that he was evil, since he seemed so lost and innocent. With SG gone, SB returns to NOWHERE's base where he is confronted by an angry Rose Wilson.

Thoughts: This was another in a long line of meh comic books. The only major thing to come out of this comic was Superboy somehow getting a look in SG's mind... I don't know if Scott Lobdell understands this or not, but Superboy has telekinesis, not telepathy... The two aren't interchangeable... Unless Lobdell is making the new SB some sort of a low-level telepath, which honestly wouldn't surprise me by this point. Why not? It makes about as much sense as anything else going on in the new DCU. Bottom line? This comic left zero impact on me.

Score: 6 out of 10.
superboy #6
So wait, he's a telepath now too?!


  1. Wow you are harsh,i get you dont like the new SB,but it wasnt as bad as you described it.

    Kon has tactile telekinesis sense,which now in the nudcu means he can sense the world around him,and anything his TK touches he can see and read,read is what he did with kara,he isnt anymore a telepath than magneto is,but his mind being a full body consciousness has the processing speed to take in info faster and more precise,thats how he "looks" like a telepath.

    Superboy is a slow burn,and i can understand if that bothers you,but it is a well crafted and beautiful book.

  2. Eh, different strokes for different folks, I guess. I definitely can respect that you are really enjoying this series, but it just hasn't clicked for me yet. I'm still holding out hope for it, or I'd have dropped it by now, but there are a few things here and there that I just don't like(the ttk reading thing bugs me because that's psychometry, not tk). But I AM still very hopeful and while I didn't love this issue, it was a marked improvement over the past few issues(for me at least), so that's definitely a positive.

  3. Scott lobdell just said in a recent interview kon wasnt learning things from kara,but more experiencing genetic memories,but his TTK sense can see and feel and read things,like the guards weapons in a earlier issue

  4. Huh. I guess that's some kind of a weird new form his TTK is taking. I don't really get how he can learn stuff from TK, which I always saw as a more forceful ability... I know in Marvel there was a character who could do similar things with items(read them and "see" stuff from them) and it was due to the character having psychometry. That's why I figured SB must have been given that power here. Thanks for the info though.

  5. I think he reads vibrations and his SUPER brain processes it all,and everything makes vibrations,so he can feel,see,or read no its not psycometry or telepathy,its his TK being so powerful and sensitive that it picks up things other TK users cant,and it only becomes something real, cause his brain works a million times better than ours.TK and SUPER brain working together,and that makes him unique.

  6. Huh, Tony, that makes sense. I think it might've been useful for Lobdell to make it a little clearer in the book, because I, too, was confused by how Conner suddenly could, you know, speak Kryptonian.

    X, I'm totally just hoping we essentially fast forward here. This issue felt to me like Lobdell got, I don't know, bored with the innocent-rube version of Superboy and has decided to move along the whole finding himself part. I'm almost thinking by issue #10 or #11, we're going to have something close to Conner. They'll still have to pretend he's finding his way, but he'll be with the Titans, etc. At least, I'm hoping. Like you said, this issue wasn't terrible, but I still haven't reconciled the fact that this guy is supposed to be Conner.

  7. That's the greatest hurdle for me with this series and THIS Superboy, JW... I swear, every time I'm about to open an issue I actually take a moment to repeat, "This is not MY Conner..." a few times. But if we DO get a character resembling "MY" Conner by issue 10 or 11, I'll be happy... That would leave only 3 more issues of unlikable robot Superboy! :D