Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irredeemable #34

Last review of the night is the final non-Marvel book I'll be reviewing this week, and that book? Irredeemable. Let's see what kind of insanity Mark Waid has in store for us this issue.

Irredeemable #34:

Summary: We kick this issue off with Qubit explaining how he returned to Earth, before asking for the Plutonian's assistance in saving the Earth. The Plutonian naturally finds that idea laughable, but Qubit offers the Plutonian a chance to go back in time to live out his life a second time, this time the right way. The Plutonian can't turn down that offer, so he spends the next 4 days trying to help Qubit clear the deadly radiation that had blanketed the Earth. Unfortunately, all of Qubit's best laid plans fail, meaning he had to find the one person who he figured could probably help save the Earth... Modeus(!). Plutonian thought Modeus had been trapped with Qubit, but Qubit reveals that Modeus's body had “died” when Plutonian left, meaning Modeus had jumped into another's body... Plutonian rapidly realizes that Modeus must have jumped into Cutter's body, thus explaining why Cutter had such a thing for Plutonian. Plutonian remembers that he had left Cutter alone with his real love, Bette Noir, and rushes away. Meanwhile, Gil, Kaidan and Scylla's ghost have headed deep into the Earth to find some seeds that weren't touched by the deadly radiation up above. This issue ends with Qubit thinking about the fact that he actually COULDN'T get Plutonian to move back through time because the time traveling alien Qubit had been working with had died.

Thoughts: No complaints here. I'm curious to see what Qubit's plan is concerning Plutonian, since he has no way of making good on the promise he made Plutonian, which would naturally make Plutonian VERY angry. We also have Plutonian closing in on the position of Bette, who is almost definitely possessed by Modeus by now... And really, why wouldn't Modeus possess Bette, since that's who the Plutonian really desires. It makes perfect sense, in a weird, super-villiany sort of way. All in all? Good stuff here, as usual.

Score: 8 out of 10.
irredeemable #34
You know, Qubit may just be my favorite character in this series...

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