Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Mutants #37

Yay, it's Nate time! First up today is the latest issue of New Mutants, or, as I like to call it, Nate Grey and company! Let's see what DnA have in store for us this time around.

New Mutants #37:

Summary: Remember back during the Fear Itself event when Magma agreed to go out on a date with Mephisto to get the New Mutants out of Hell? Well, Mephisto sure remembered, and now it's time for said date. Mephisto shows up at the New Mutants apartment and picks Magma up, while the rest of the New Mutants fret over what fate was going to befall Magma. In actuality, the two actually go out and have a nice date, at the end of which Mephisto tells Magma that she and the New Mutants were no longer bound to him in any way. He does ask to see her again, and Magma pretty much says yes without actually saying yes, since she had been warned not to say yes to anything Mephisto offered...

Thoughts: Um... Huh... That was... something... I guess it was a nice Valentine's Day story... Man was this comic WEIRD! I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and Mephisto to reveal his hand, yet he never did! It was just a date.... With the Devil. What more can I possibly add to this?

Score: 6 out of 10.
new mutants #37


  1. Dude, I do not buy this "i'm actually a good guy deep down" thing that Mephisto is pulling for a second.
    I've been seeing him alot recently in comic like journey into mystery and he was even talking to blackheart in venom last week. Mephisto is 420% evil and he loves every second of it, he probably has some long over-arching plan.

  2. EXACTLY! That's what made this comic so weird to me... I kept expecting Mephisto to do SOMETHING evil! Every time I flipped a page, I figured, "He's gonna do it now for sure!" and sure enough, nothing happened... I mean he's the frigging devil! Like you said, look at the other comics he's been in recently! There's nothing nuanced about him. He's evil! I def hope we learn that this was indeed Mephisto setting up a nefarious scheme down the road.

  3. I'm really hoping this wasn't a one time valentines kind of thing, if whoever is writing this series has half a brain they might be able to finally turn this series around if they can see how much potential they can get with mephisto.

  4. That's actually the thing I fear though... That this WAS a one-time only Valentine's Day type story that will only add to the tension between Sunspot and Magma, which I am so over by now.

  5. First, I totally agree that I am SO over the Magma/Sunsport thing. First, I don't think we've ever been given a reason for his sudden hopeless devotion to Amara, despite the fact that he's known her for 30 or so years in real time (and probably five or six in comics time). Second, I just feel like he's been reduced to some sort of love-sick, pathetic mess, something he's never previously been. DnA have done an OK job at least making him a little bit more like himself, but it still annoys me.

    But, I kind of loved this issue. I know it's totally strange and bizarre, but I liked that Mephisto had no trick...except, given the events of the last panel, maybe he did, but, like you said, it's long-term. We shall see. DnA very rarely let a sub-plot drop, so I feel like they've probably definitely got a plan in store.

  6. HA! Thinking back to this issue STILL leaves me confounded! I just kept expecting something to happen, and yet nothing did! I kind of expect(hope!) something will come from this and Mephisto does show up again, but there's another part of me that almost doesn't want that to happen just so this remains one of the more bizarre things I've read in a while!