Saturday, February 4, 2012

Invincible #88

Tonight we'll be checking out a pair of indie comics(Image is still considered an indie company, right?), with the first series being from Image.

Invincible #88:

Summary: Thragg and Invincible confront Allen and Oliver above the Earth and Thragg basically tells Allen that his plan to unleash the Scourge Virus in the Earth's atmosphere was faulty and wouldn't guarantee the death of the Viltrumite's, since Thragg insinuates that all of the Viltrumites weren't on Earth. The only guarantee was that if Allen DID disperse the Scourge Virus on the Earth, the Viltrumites would once again declare war on the Coalition of Planets. Allen, who was wrestling with his own doubts about the plan, realizes that Thragg was right, and decides not to go through with his plans of planetary genocide. By this time the Guardians of the Globe show up in space to take Invincible into custody for his recent actions, which leads to a fight. During the fracas, Oliver swipes a sample of the Scourge Virus from Allen and heads down to Earth to do what Allen wasn't man enough to do himself(!). Invincible sees what his half-brother was up to and chases after him, catching up to Oliver, but causing Oliver to drop the sample. Invincible manages to catch it before it opens, and is attacked by an incensed Oliver who realizes that unleashing the Scourge Virus was the best way to end the Viltrumite threat, even if it costs the life of everyone on the Earth. During the struggle, Oliver accidentally blasts Invincible in the face with the Virus(!!), sending him falling to the Earth. Allen, who saw what was transpiring from space, charges over and tells Oliver to stay away from Invincible, since there was a chance Oliver could become infected by Invincible. Allen manages to catch up to Invincible, who seems fine and uninfected... At first... This issue ends with Invincible bleeding from the eyes and nose, meaning he was indeed infected with the fatal virus.

Thoughts: Alright, good stuff here! I enjoyed just about everything we got in this one, with the glaring exception being Allen deciding not to use the Scourge Virus on the Earth. For somebody who was so gung-ho about unleashing the Virus last issue, Allen sure did a 180 quick in this one. Yeah, Thragg did make a few good points, but even if there WERE a few Viltrumites not on Earth, I STILL say killing everybody on the planet would be worth it if you could eliminate ANY Viltrumites. So yeah, I'm totally on Oliver's side of this argument. As for the ending, I can't wait to see how Robert Kirkman writes his way out of this one! Now THAT was a great cliffhanger!

Score: 8 out of 10.
invincible #88


  1. "So yeah, I'm totally on Oliver's side of this argument."

    LOL, X I know your an Oliver fan but I just can't see how you can still side with him, not only has he went against his own father he tried to wipe out the whole human race and might have just killed his brother in an attempt at doing it he needs another Thragg beating!

  2. HA! Yeah... Sure he's genocidal, attacked his own father and possibly killed his brother, but he is still looking out for the greater good of the universe... Okay, so I'm stretching a bit! But I can understand why he's acting the way he is. Look at what the Viltrumites did to him during the war, and couple that with his disdain for the citizens of the Earth, and I can totally understand why he'd want to wipe out the Viltrumites, at the expense of the Earth. But I'm sticking by my guns and sticking with Oliver! :P