Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Avengers: The Initiative #35

A new package of comics arrived at my doorstep today, which as everybody should know by now, is one of those things that can always manage to put a big old smile on my face. So tonight I'll be going over one of my older comics that I really need to get out of the way, and a comic from the new package. One comic was pretty good, while the other... Not so much. Well, let's get on with it and see what's what.

Avengers: The Initiative #35 Writer: Christos Gage. Pencils: Jorge Molina
Last Issue: 8 out of 10.

Review: This is yet another Siege aftermath issue, so if you don't know what happened in Siege #4, you might be lost reading this review... Taskmaster, who was heading up the Initiative program for Norman Osborn, realizes that Osborn's cause is lost, and decides to make like a rat and abandon ship. Unfortunately he was injured when Asgard fell, and as such needs some assistance getting away from the warzone. Taskmaster comes across Constrictor, and the two agree to help each other get away from the ruins of Asgard, provided Taskmaster helps Constrictor find his girlfriend, Diamondback. Diamondback winds up reviving near her ex, Captain America, and he helps her up and agrees to help Diamondback find Constrictor. From a distance, Taskmaster and Constrictor spot Cap and Diamondback together, and figuring she was getting back together with Cap, Constrictor sadly agrees to get out of Dodge with Taskmaster. When Hood loses his Norn Stones, all of the villains he was powering up lose their powers, which gives the Avengers Resistance a HUGE advantage over the confused villains, and leads to the Resistance routing the hapless bad guys. Meanwhile, in the sub-basement of Camp HAMMER(the headquarters of Osborn's evil Initiative), Baron Von Blitzschlag(AKA the best Nazi EVER!), is going about deleting all of the illegal actions that he and Osborn were responsible for. Komodo, Cloud 9 and Hardball arrive on the scene and after Hardball apologizes for everything he did to Komodo(and gives her her powers back), Blitzschlag offers to hand over evidence of all of Osborn's crimes provided he's guaranteed a soft sentence... Ahh, Baron Blitzschlag... From there we fast forward a few days to the Hood, who was captured by the Avengers in the abysmal New Avengers Finale comic. Tigra pays the Hood a visit and taunts him, telling him that he wasn't even worth killing, even after everything he'd done to her. The scene then shifts to the party on the roof of Avengers Tower, where Tigra reveals that she actually gave birth to a son before Osborn took power(I think the father was Skrull Pym, although I may be mistaken...), Justice decides that the New Warriors/Avengers Resistance should stick together, and Steve Rogers offers Diamondback the position of head of the fifty state initiative program. However, still hurting over Constrictor's disappearance, Diamondback tells Cap that she'll need some time to think about the offer. And after that, we get a few wrap-ups for various Initiative regulars, and this series comes to a close.

What I Thought: Well, first off, I should probably explain that this was the last issue of this series, as the title is transforming into Avengers Academy. I can honestly say that I'm going to miss this series, there were times when this title was THE best Avengers series on the market, which is a pretty impressive feat. I honestly didn't think this series would see an issue #12, let alone 35 issues, so yeah, I'm pretty sad to see this series end... But at least Christos will be getting to(hopefully)continue many of the storylines from this comic in Avengers Academy. But enough reminiscing, let's get back to THIS issue. For what it was(a wrap-up issue)it did a good job. Most of the characters I enjoyed reading about these past 2 and a half years got a chance to appear(Hardball, Komodo, Cloud 9, Scarlet Spider, Gauntlet, Trauma, etc), and many of their outstanding storylines(like the Hardball/Komodo stuff)were nicely wrapped up. What more can I really say? This was a great series while it lasted, introduced several interesting characters, and almost always left me satisfied. So long Avengers: The Initiative, it's been a blast!

Score: 8 out of 10.That's STILL the best war cry in comic book history!

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