Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zatanna #2

Zatanna #2: Writer: Paul Dini. Pencils: Stephane Roux.

Review: Zatanna battles a nightmare demon that was sent by Brother Night(who is trying to consolidate his control of the San Fransisco crime scene). The nightmare demon tries to defeat Zatanna while she sleeps, but Zatanna manages to turn things around on the demon, and ends up waking up and defeating the demon in the real world(by putting the demon in her hat!). With the nightmare demon having failed, Brother Night reveals that he had enslaved the spirit of Zatanna's father, and that Night was going to be tasking John Zatara's spirit with destroying Zatanna!

What I Thought: Huh, who knew I'd really wind up falling for this series... Two issues in, and I'm definitely a fan, and I've never really been a huge fan of mystical type characters! Paul writes a great Zatanna, I have no problem with the artwork, and I'm really enjoying the story. Hokey name aside, Brother Night seems like a really great foil for Zatanna, with his otherworldly power-base and allies, including what seems to be Zatanna's own father! I'll definitely be looking forward to the next issue.

Score: 9 out of 10.Best prison EVER!


  1. *applauds* Here we go, this is what I was waiting for!! I'm with you I wasn't a big fan of Zatanna but Paul Dini does a damn good job of loving her. She's creeping up my list of favorite female heroes.

    And as for the art, I'm in love. Whoever Stephane Roux is, lol, he has a new fan.

    And before I go, Brother Night is awesome. Fuseli is soo annoying but I love him at the same time. And I think the next issue is going to be an emotional one for Zatanna I mean that's got to be a lot to take in.

  2. Yeah, I've never been high on mystical types of heroes, but Paul is really making Zatanna interesting! Who'd have thunk it!

    And I can't WAIT for next issue! With Z having just battled her father as a Black Lantern not all that long ago, having to deal with him again is def going to be a painful experience.

  3. Lol, I have NO idea who are mystical heroes except for Zatanna. You would think there would be more. I know there is a male zatanna like guy, I think Zatara. Maybe I'm wrong. Lol.

    I might find myself along with Z on the emotional roll. Lol. Blackest night had me all like "Omg noo don't fight!" lol. This is going to be gooooood.