Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Superman: War of the Supermen #3(of 4)

War of the Supermen #3: Writers: James Robinson & Sterling Gates. Pencils: Cafu.
Last Issue: 9 1/2 out of 10.

Review: This issue begins with Gen. Lane gloating about his crushing victory over the Kryptonians. Before he can break into his happy dance though, he is informed by one of his officers that his Mount Rushmore base had been compromised. The Metropolis heroes manage to free Steel's niece from captivity, and once she gives the information she had about Gen. Lane up, Jimmy Olsen begins to upload that info on the Internet. Flamebird realizes what Gen. Lane had done to the sun, and she flies off while the Metropolis heroes are trying to mop up Lane's defenders a Mount Rushmore. Once Nightwing gets wind of what Flamebird was up to, he follows after her, and the two fly towards the sun. Flamebird and Nightwing discuss what they should do to try to reverse what Luthor did to the sun, and the Nightwing entity that was residing inside the body of Chris Kent suddenly teleports Chris away from Flamebird, telling him that his final fate lies elsewhere. With Chris gone, Flamebird flies into the sun and sacrifices her life to turn the sun yellow again, thus re-powering the Kryptonians. Gen. Lane freaks out, and Superman and Supergirl angrily turn away from Mars and begin to head towards the Earth. Unfortunately, Gen. Zod and half of the Kryptonian army arrives there first and they begin to decimate the armies of the Earth. The Kryptonians prove to be too strong, too fast and too well organized, and they begin to rapidly route the forces of Earth. Zod's top lieutenant, Ursa heads to the White House and destroys it while looking for Gen. Lane. After leaving the White House, Ursa is confronted by an angry Supergirl, and the two attack each other. Meanwhile, Zod and a majority of the Kryptonian army begin to fly towards Metropolis, where the only person standing between him and the destruction of the city is Superman.

What I Thought: I've got to say, I'm LOVING this mini-series! It's easily my favorite mini of the year so far, and unless the ending is HORRIBLE, I can't imagine that changing after I read the next/last issue. This mini is everything that Blackest Night wasn't, it's fast paced, has a nice, well thought-out story, and is heading towards a very satisfying ending. Great stuff here.

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.You KNOW issue #4 is going to be awesome!!!

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