Thursday, June 17, 2010

Avengers Academy #1

Avengers Academy #1: Writer: Christos Gage. Artist: Mike McKone.

Review: This issue was your basic meet and greet comic, as we're introduced to the next generation of Avengers and their teachers/advisors. First the advisors; you have Hank Pym, Tigra, Justice, Quicksilver, and Speedball, who has FINALLY shed that horrible Penance persona and returned to his roots. As for the trainees... Well, they didn't really do much for me... You have an ultra smart, but social deficient girl(Finesse), the tragic brute guy with the kind heart(Mettle), the angry girl with the powers that leave her unable to touch others(Hazmat), the annoying boy who can turn into various dinosaur related creatures(Reptil), the shy girl who can turn her body to gas, but gets closer to dying each time she uses her powers(Veil), and the ultra arrogant boy with electricity powers(Striker). So we meets the trainees, the Avengers put them through a training session that doesn't go all that well, and by the end of this issue the kids learn they were being trained because the Avengers believed they all had the potential to turn into super-villains.

What I Thought: Meh. I REALLY like the training staff, hell, I'd happily buy a comic book that just starred those 5 Avengers, but the trainees did NOTHING for me... None of them really had the type of personality that drew me to them... I guess Veil and Striker have some potential, but the rest of them either didn't get enough time to shine(Mettle), came off as annoying(Reptil)or bitchy(Hazmat). I will be picking up the next few issues, but that'll be 100% because of the training staff. Here's hoping the rest of the characters in this comic start to grow on me soon.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Any comic book that has Quicksilver in it is a win to me!


  1. Speedball was never an Avenger, was he? So how the heck does he get to be a teacher at Avengers Academy?? Haha...

    I didn't know Mike McKone would be drawing this comic...that's definitely a reason for me to be interested. Loved his work back in the early days of Exiles, and his more recent work on Amazing Spider-Man.

  2. Nope, but they kind of explained his presence there as he was a hero who messed up really bad(Civil War), so the Avengers figured he'd have some good insight to add to the team, plus with his age, they were hoping he'd be able to relate to the kids easier. Plus him and Justice are tight, so maybe he pulled some strings for Robbie. But for me, as an old New Warriors fan, I was just happy to see Robbie back in his original persona.