Monday, June 28, 2010

Talking about tomorrow, TODAY!

Hey X-Maniacs, just wanted to say that I won't have any reviews up for tonight. I have four coming up(Zatanna #2, Detective #866, JL: Gen Lost #4 & Thunderbolts #145), but I probably won't be able to put the finishing touches on them until sometime tomorrow. See, the old me would have rushed to get those reviews up and posted, but the new me is just going to sit back and post 'em at my leisure! :P As for the Killer Croc comic, sorry JT, my sister wanted to read that one, so I won't be able to give it a read/review until she gets it back to me, and who knows when that'll be!

Besides that, three comics came in the mail today, Birds of Prey #2, REBELS #17 and New Avengers #1. If any of you guys want me to put up a post for one of those comics, drop me a comment. If I had to guess, I'd bet that BoP will get a few recommendations. I doubt anybody is interested in a REBELS review, and I HOPE nobody wants to hear about New Avengers #1!! Man am I DREADING that comic! Anyway, thanks for reading and remember to check back here tomorrow for a few new posts. X out.


  1. Well check out the new swag on you X! Lol, I likes. Looking forward to Zatanna #2 and Gen Lost #4 review. :)

    As for the comics you received in the mail, BOP all the way sir. :)

  2. Lol it's cool dude, I'm waiting for Gen Lost and Detective Comics any who. And you KNOW I wanna hear what ya think about BOP because I think I know who's White Canary :D

  3. Why is it that Jason Todd always knows the insider secret's before you? Maybe he is BENDIS? lol, joking. I hate to say it X, but all 3 titles sound sooooo appealing. If I had to choose, I choose BoP. I really do enjoy your Rebel posts, and I think it's because writers (or reviewer/blogger) write a better story (review/blog) when they actually like the character. You really bring Brainiac 3 to life. And as for New Avengers, I just love those characters, but I can wait to go read it in a Trade Back Book in a year or so.
    L8r days!

  4. Lol if I'm Bendis I got some explaining to do! And I think its because before he found that comic shop I was always a month ahead of X in the comics...well that and I'm awesome ;-) Lol

  5. I almost hate to do it to ya X, but I kind of do want to hear about New Avengers, haha. I will try and give that first issue a read the same way I did with Avengers #1.

  6. Well, I've already typed up the draft for the BoP review, so that'll def be getting posted sometime tomorrow. As for REBELS and New Avengers, I'm not sure... I guess it depends on what new books I pick up tomorrow at the comic shop... Boy, it sure is nice to type that line out! :P I haven't even checked out what's coming out tomorrow yet, so I have no idea how many comics I'll be picking up yet.