Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Superman: War of the Supermen #2(of 4)

War of the Supermen #2 Writers: James Robinson & Sterling Gates. Pencils: Eduardo Pansica.
Last Issue: 9 out of 10.

Review: We open things up with a nearly hysterical Lois Lane rushing into the Daily Planet building to tell Perry White that New Krypton had been destroyed. Perry listens to what Lois has to say and then tells the newsroom to get on the story, while he pulls Lois aside to find out what was going on. Lois begins to tell Perry that her father was the man responsible for the planetary genocide, however she is interrupted by her evil sister, Superwoman, who comes crashing through Perry's wall. Superwoman scolds Lois, and then abducts her. Back where New Krypton used to be located, Superman catches up to Supergirl, only to be attacked by his grief-stricken cousin. The two fight a bit, until Supes tosses SG down to New Krypton's moon, so he could try to talk some sense into her. Eventually, Supes is able to convince SG to put aside her grief and help him attempt to protect the Earth from Zod and his army of uber-pissed off Kryptonian soldiers. Jimmy Olsen and the Metropolis heroes locate where Gen. Lane's forces had been holding Steel's niece(in Mount Rushmore), and the heroes prepare to launch a rescue assault. Superwoman brings Lois to her father's headquarters and Gen. Lane tells Lois that he wanted her by his side during his greatest victory. Zod's Kryptonian forces launch an attack on Lane's Human Defense Corps base on Mars, and completely and totally destroy it. Superman and Supergirl arrive on the scene and try to keep the bloodshed to a minimum, which is exactly what Zod was hoping for. Zod decides to take advantage of the fact that Supes isn't on Earth, and has a large contingent of Kryptonians head towards Earth. Gen. Lane is informed that his base on Mars had been destroyed and that a large body of Kryptonians were heading towards Earth, so he calls Lex Luthor, who was working on turning the massive fake Rao from recent issues of Action Comics into some kind of anti-Kryptonian weapon. With the Kryptonians bearing down on Earth, Lane orders Luthor to launch his weapon, and Lex cheerfully does, sending a huge Rao-missile into the sun. Lex's Rao-missile strikes the sun and turns the star red, causing every single Kryptonian in space(including Superman and Supergirl)to be robbed of their powers.

What I Thought: Wooo, this is really shaping up to be one hell of a great mini!!! I think the above review pretty much says it all... Pretty much every single Superman related character from the past several years has a part in this comic, and it's all coming together SO beautifully. I'm totally amazed at the fantastic job James and Sterling are doing, and how they're taking storylines from the various Superman related titles and working them into this mini. Oh, and as a huge fan of Young Justice, I LOVED the fact that the secret base inside of Mount Rushmore was mentioned, and that Superboy remembered that. Continuity, it's a wonderful thing!

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.Man is Gen. Lane awesome!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this series. You are saving me some dough, but, paradoxically making me want to buy the series. Go figure.

  2. Thanks for the comment Maurice! You don't know how many times I'll go to another blog, see a review for something I'd never thought of buying, and then wind up buying it anyway! On the positive side, all four issues of this mini were only $2.99, which is a nice change from the $3.99 most minis sell for!