Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #4

Justice League: Generation Lost #4: Writers: Judd Winick & Keith Giffen. Pencils: Joe Bennett.

The JLI(or the Justice League of Misfits if you will)arrive in Russia during a battle between a rogue Rocket Red and a mess of other Rocket Reds. The team decides not to intervene, since it looked like an internal Russian dispute, at least until they began endangering innocent civilians. The JLI steps in to halt the fighting, which leads the rogue Rocket Red into believing that the JLI was teaming up with him. The JLIers try to convince the rogue Rocket that they were just trying to help the innocent bystanders, but they meet with no success. With the rogue Rocket sticking with them, Booster Gold begins to realize that somebody was obviously manipulating events in order to gather the entire old JLI together. And who would do that other then the man who brought the old JLI together the first time, Max Lord. Booster begins to demanding answers from Max(which worries his teammates), and after a while, Max(through Rocket Red's radio)responds that he was indeed behind recent events. And what was Max up to? For some reason, whenever Max uses his telepathic powers on somebody they transform into Black Lanterns and die...

Well that was kind of weird... This comic was pretty much an extended battle between a bunch of Rocket Reds, while the JLI members stood around and watched. I guess this comic was okay, it's just that the story isn't really doing anything for me. I just want to know what the hell is going on here! Now Max can transform people into Black Lanterns? Weird... On the plus side, Super Fake Beetle didn't bother me all that much, so I guess that's something...

Score: 7 out of 10.C-List heroes unite!!!


  1. HEY! Booster is at LEAST B-List! :P Hell with three comics he may be B+ List... Lol. Nice review, I've never been a fan of the Rocket Red gimmick so I can't say I enjoyed that part much but the mystery around Max Lord's screwy powers is interesting. I'm wondering why he, Firestorm and Aquaman are having all these problems when it seems like Martian Manhunter and Hawk are perfectly fine...

  2. Yeah, if nothing else I'm really curious to see why Max's powers are so messed up now. I mean in the first issue(when he mindwiped the world)his powers were functioning properly, so I'm not sure why he's having these problems now. I guess we'll MAYBE find out what the deal is soon, but I'm lookig forward for the climax of this story. I'm kind of at the point now where I just want to know how it ends.

    Okay, I'll give you the Booster thing, although in the eyes of everybody in the DCU, I think Booster IS still seen as c-list.

  3. Man, imagine if he'd killed everyone with that wave. But yeah, the mystery of his powers acting weird and the mystery of why those specific people returned should be interesting.

    I'll agree with that, I'd say to everyone outside of Batman that...wait...Batman has been going through time so shouldn't HE remember Max Lord? I think he may be the Wild Card in this whole Generation Lost thing...

  4. Booster sucks!!!!

    Okay I got that out the way. I found it hard to follow this issue. It was almost boring, only interesting this going for me is the Max Lord stuff.

    I'm with you X about the issues Max is having with his powers. I wonder if he's trying to mind control people who have died and come back some how and turning them to Black Lanterns...hmmm?

  5. Hey, you know, the Batman thing is a GREAT point JT! Bruce SHOULD remember who Max is. I don't know if that will actually lead to anything, because doesn't Gen Lost end WAY before Bruce ends up returning to the present?

    And yeah, I've got to agree with Falisha re: this mini. It started off really strong, but the involvement of Hai-Me and just the way the story has stalled has really caused me to lose a whole lot of interest here. I want to see more Max and less JLI!

  6. Booster RULES!!! lol

    And I don't think so X, it goes until September and thats all DC's site has listed byt I'm sure it continues after that, it'll probably go as long as Brightest Day does so Bruce should be back by then.

  7. Wait a minute, REALLY!?! I thought this was a mini-series! If it keeps coming out twice a month until Sept. that's already 10 issues! Will this series never end!?!

  8. I swear I was thinking "What if Bruce remembers Max?" but I wasn't thinking because he was time traveling and what not. Lol. great minds think alike. :)

    And I was never a blue beetle fan, and I find him so annoying in this comic. It's like Shut up already. But meh, what can you do, it's getting rid of beetles.

    Speaking of JLI, did they have an actual comic? I'm sure it was just as boring. Lol.

    Sidenote, Booster and Bluebeetle SUCKS!!!

    Love ya JT!

  9. I liked Ted but he's the only Beetle I like. Especially in Birds of Prey. And yeah they had a series, and a few mini's if I'm not mistaken.

    And yeah dude, It's a series not a Mini I guess like cause it's got at least ten issues like you said with no signs of slowing down.