Monday, June 14, 2010

Justice Society of America #39

Justice Society of America #39: Writer: Bill Willingham. Pencils: Jesus Merino.
Last Issue: 6 1/2 out of 10.

Review: We're still trapped in the future where the Forth Reich has taken over all of America and most of the world. Mr. Terrific and his band of old heroes decide that tonight is the night, and the launch a final, desperate gambit to reach the Darkness Engine, which is the machine that allows the Nazis to shut down the powers of all of the super-heroes they had collected in their concentration camps. The heroes launch their attack, and are pretty much crushed by the Nazis, although that was part of Mr. Terrific's plan. While the Nazis were distracted by what they believed was a simple jail break, Terrific and several other heroes begin to make their way towards the building housing the Darkness Engine. Eventually Mr. Terrific and his remaining crew members(Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown)make it to the Darkness Engine tower, and after an assist from Superman(who had stolen a powerful Nazi war machine), Mr. Terrific gets into the room housing the Darkness Engine. Terrific manages to send a message back in time to his younger self warning of what the Nazis would end up accomplishing, hoping his younger self would get the message and know what to do to stop the Nazi's ultimate victory. Unfortunately for Terrific, it appears that the moment his message reaches his younger self, he was dead after the attack of Kid Karnevil! Whoops!!!

What I Thought: What can I say, this storyline was been strong from the beginning and it continues to be strong. I enjoyed the assault on the Nazi forces and the way the odds seemed SO stacked against heroes, and yet they continued to battle forward. The swerve at the end was pretty good, and I'll be interested to see how Bill works around this latest problem the JSA is going to end up facing. We all know in the end the Nazi invasion will be repelled, but now the question is, how?

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.You've got Deathstroke killing Nazis with a makeshift sword... What's not to like?

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