Thursday, June 24, 2010

JSA All-Stars #7... In three sentences or less!

JSA All-Stars #7: This comic deals with one of the MANY victims of GEOFFY's Blackest Night rampage, Damage. The All-Stars hold a funeral for their fallen teammate, and we see how Grant's death had affected his girlfriend, Judomaster. This was a pretty sad, but very well done comic. Score: 9 out of 10.Good-bye Grant.


  1. I refuse to read this book, but really liked Judomaster's character, from what I remember of her.
    I'm thinking Damage will come back somewhere down the road. I mean, pretty much every dead comic book character comes back for at least an appearance at some point, right?

  2. This book has been a pretty pleasant surprise actually Kello. The first storyline was strong, the art is good, and I don't hate any of the characters(which is always a plus!). Sure it doesn't have the old time JSAers, but I've still enjoyed it.

    As for Damage, I guess if the fan outcry is loud enough, or if a big Damage fan comes into power in the DCU(like a certain somebody who is obsessed with returning the DCU to the Silver Age)we'll see him again, but he's the type of character(a c-lister)who probably won't come back anytime soon... Hopefully I'm wrong on that though...

  3. I'm not a fan of Freddie Williams - I don't like how he drew Cyclone. Yes, I know, shallow. But hey...

    I never read the original interpretation of Judomaster before she was mute - was it a better or worse interpretation?

    And yeah, Grant dying was a shame. I enjoyed him as he was a hero who screwed up quite alot, let anger get the best of him, but he was still trying to be a hero.

  4. Jeez, I have to say, I know next to NOTHING about Judomaster, Nagash! All I know is this current version that joined the JSA a few years back. I'm clueless on anything prior to that!

    Yeah, Grant was one of those somewhat tainted heroes, which always makes for some good storytelling. It's too bad he's gone, 'cause I think there were still a few stories with him that had yet to be told.