Thursday, February 28, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #4

It's an X review night!  And it's also the first review night of the week, which means I'll be posting three reviews.  And those reviews will be of the three books I'm most looking forward to checking out this week.  Number one on that list?  Marvel's flagship book(that's a fair statement, right?), Uncanny Avengers.  The first three issues of this series have been extremely strong, and have given me the kind of superhero story the Avengers haven't gotten in YEARS.  I have high hopes for this one...

Uncanny Avengers #4

Summary: The battle here is twofold as we have Havok and the Scarlet Witch trying to stop Thor, who has been brainwashed by the Red Skull...  Needless to say, the two have their hands full.  We also have Captain America confronting his arch-nemesis.  Unfortunately for Cap, the Red Skull's new telepathic abilities make him more than a match for Cap, as the Skull tries to convince Cap that the Skull was right and America needed the Skull to "right" it.  Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch tells Havok to go after the Skull while she dealt with Thor.  Havok doesn't really want to, but since the Skull is the one behind all of the recent madness, he heads off.  As for Wanda, she manages to send Thor far away with a massive hex.  Rogue swipes the power dampening abilities of one of the Skull's men and shuts the Skull's telepathy down, so Skull draws a gun and shoots at her, being interrupted at the last second by Havok.  Rogue is still hit though, which causes her to stop cutting off the Skull's powers, at which time the Skull makes Havok attack Rogue.  However, the Skull makes the mistake of taking his attention off of Cap, who nails the Skull with a massive uppercut.  Cap realizes that the Red Skull with Professor Xavier's mental powers needed to be stopped, for good, and moves in for the kill.  Before Cap can strike though, the Skull is spirited away by one of his henchmen.  With the Skull gone, all of the rioting citizens of Manhattan break free of his influence and are horrified by what they had done.  With that, the Avengers head back home and bond(or don't bond, in the cases of Rogue and Wanda).  This issue ends a few months in the future where the world has been devastated by the Apocalypse twins.

Thoughts: This was a good comic book.  I enjoyed it and all, but... There was something missing for me...  I can't quite put my finger on what that missing ingredient is though...  I think it was the way the Skull was defeated.  It was too neat.  Basically it was the Skull's own man who caused his defeat, because if Rogue wouldn't have aped the power dampener's abilities, the Skull could have won.  In other words, the Red Skull defeated the Red Skull.  That seems like the type of error a super-criminal like the Skull wouldn't make...  Besides that(and Rogue's extreme bitchiness), this was a good read.

Score: 8 out of 10.
havok scarlet witch uncanny avengers #4
I don't care what anybody says, Wanda is awesome.

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  1. Huh. I actually didn't pick up on that, because I was so blow away by everything else. I just took it as a sort of classic Red Skull problem -- he's arrogant, so he's not really paying attention to the battle field, because he assumes he's winning. For me, the battle was so emotionally packed that I was actually tired at the end of it. I thought Remender did such a great job showing them all as people and not just heroes in costumes. It was an A+ for me.

    Do we know anything about the Apocalypse Twins? Are they a thing, or is Remender creating something new here? That whole epilogue blew my mind.