Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stormwatch #17

First review of the night is going to be my favorite DC comic book, Stormwatch...  Yes, that's right, THIS is my favorite DC series.  Not Batman, but Stormwatch.  This is a series that has flown under the radar, but man is it good!  And after the events of the last issue, I'm only expecting things to get better!

Stormwatch #17: 

Summary: This issue gets underway with Midnighter waking Apollo up and telling him that he needed to draw on whatever energy he had left to help the two of them escape from Hyperspace.  Apollo does as asked, and the two head back towards the Earth.  Harry Tanner is panicked by that, and tells Engineer she shouldn't have allowed the two to escape.  Engineer isn't worried in the least, since there's really no where on the planet the two can hide from her.  As proof, Engineer fires a massive energy blast at the two, which they are narrowly able to avoid   By this time, Jack Hawksmoor and Projectionist arrive and tell Engineer to a) fix Jenny Quantum, who Engineer put in a nanite induced trance, and b) stop acting crazy!!  Engineer doesn't do either, and instead teleports the two of them to a rain forest in Brazil, which negates Hawksmoor's powers.  Harry and Engineer turn their attention back to Apollo and Midnighter, but find that the two had managed to evade Stormwatch's cameras   Harry freaks out again, while Engineer shrugs off the loss of the two, stating that she had bigger fish to fry...  Such as the eradication of all human life on the planet Earth!  Harry is shocked to hear that, and tells Engineer that while he had done some terrible things in his day, he drew the line at genocide...  Well we all have our limits.  Engineer shows Harry that he has NO power over her by having the ship itself knock him around, before leaving him, stating that he was a reminder of her former human frailty.  As for Apollo and Midnighter, Midnighter has directed Apollo to Moscow, where they come across Zealot(!!).  Zealot attacks, figuring the two to be alien shape-shifters(Daemonites?!), so Midnighter convinces her it was really him by showing off his incomparable skills.  Once that little misunderstanding is out of the way, Zealot agrees to assist Midnighter with his Stormwatch problem.  As for Engineer, she takes control of OMAC and sends him to kill Midnighter and Apollo.

Thoughts: This issue was GREAT!  The pacing was fantastic, as there was never a dull or boring moment.  On top of that, we see that Engineer has seemingly gone fully crazy, and was now trying to eradicate all life on Earth.  Which basically leaves Apollo and Midnighter as the only two people who can do anything about that...  Oh yeah, and they aren't getting along due to Harry Tanner's duplicity.  And then there's Tanner, who tried to stand up to Engineer and was batted aside like he was nothing.  And Zealot!!!  Seriously, not only is this my favorite DC comic book(hands down!), it's one of my favorite comic series from ANY company.  Right now?  This series is THAT good.

Score: 9 out of 10.
apollo midnighter zealot stormwatch #17
Apollo, Midnighter AND Zealot?!  Yes please!!!

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