Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thunderbolts #4

Second review of this Thursday evening is the latest issue of Thunderbolts.  This series hasn't really hit it out of the park yet for me...  Here's hoping this is the issue that changes that.

Thunderbolts #4:

Summary: This issue gets underway with a furious Red Hulk spiriting off with the body of the Leader, who was shot in the head by the Punisher last issue.  With that, Venom states the obvious(that this "mission" was a mess), and that once he sprung Elektra the group should go their separate ways.  However, Punisher overhears that Madman was also on the island and heads off with Deadpool(Punisher and Deadpool...  The ultimate odd couple...) to deal with him, while Venom rescued Elektra.  From there we learn a bit about the leader of the country the Thunderbolts were invading(don't care...) before heading back to the present where we see that man shoot himself in the head in front of Elektra(still don't care...).  This issue ends with Punisher strapping a landmine to himself and exploding it on Madman, Venom finding Elektra, and Rulk trying to bring Leader back to life with tons of gamma radiation.

Thoughts: Eh.  Once again, this comic just didn't do it for me...  I mean I WANT to like it, but it's just not happening...  Maybe it's the setting, I don't know...  Anyway, there's really not much I can say here.  I didn't love this comic, I didn't hate this comic.  I just read it and moved on.

Score: 6 out of 10.
deadpool punisher madman thunderbolts #4
I would SO watch a Deadpool/Punisher sitcom!

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