Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Comic Day! August 7th Edition.

Hey everyone, JT here after disappearing for a few days with a pretty late/early morning post. Between work, getting ready for my cousin's wedding this weekend, and just general life, I've been pretty busy, but I can guarantee I'll get at least something up every week if not every day. And for those wondering, had I reviewed Hawkeye #1 and Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe #1, I would've given them an 8/10 and a 7/10 respectively. But now, moving on to my favorite weekday, TGIW, it's Comic book day! My haul for this week is pretty good, and as always you guys feel free to comment below, let me know what you want to see a review for most, and I'll try to get it posted if time permits. And of course, I'm always curious to see what you guys are reading as well, so feel free to let me know what you decided to grab at the shop.

Now, let's get to it! This week I picked up Batman #12, Batman and Robin #12, Suicide Squad #12, Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe #2, Gambit #1, Scarlet Spider #8, Spider-Men #4 and Venom #22. So, eight books, let me know which ones you guys would like me to review/discuss, and we'll take it from there guys. Til later today , JT signing off!


  1. Sup JT! Looking forward to your Gambit review. I will buy the issue regardless, being a big Clay Mann fan, but would like to see what you think of the writing.

    I hear good things about Batman 12 as well, and look forward to that review as well.

  2. Thanks Trobb, I'll try my best to get those up for ya, I actually haven't read Gambit yet since I've been so busy, but I did read Batman... It was pretty... different.

  3. Hey man, looking forward to your batman and venom review. I will more than likely drop venom after this issue with remender gone. Bunn's writing hasn't been anything spectacular in the other books that have by him. BUT i may give 23 a shot just to see how it is. Also, haven't read batman but it looked a bit odd for a batman book.
    -I picked up batman, cap, cap/iron man which is written by cullen bunn. I only picked it up because it ends the arc and we get a cap/namor team up next month! and Godzilla half century war #1 because i love the king of monsters! the idw title was mehh but this looks great!
    -I dropped scarlet spidey after last issue, i didn't like the art change very much, and i hate the rangers. The current storyline is just kind dull. Now there is a big crossover coming up titled minimum carnage with Scarlet spidey, spidey, and venom. I may check that out as it crosses over into all 3 books. I was looking forward to the kraven arc, but i can't afford to buy single issues like this and be teased over and over. Its a good book, but for me its not a great one.
    -I know you are busy, as we all are, but id love to get your thoughts on marvel NOW! and the new creative teams and books. I'm pumped about it.

  4. Thanks Cap, I'll try to get those up over the weekend for ya. Remender claims Bunn did all the work on the last storyline with the Sinister Six, but I don't know. I didn' enjoy Spider-Man Season One that much but I AM enjoying Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, so I'll give Bunn a few issues of Venom to get in the swing of things.

    I'm not sure Spidey is included in Minimum Carnage is he? Last I heard it was just Flash and Kaine, but if Peter is involved that can only be better.

    As for my thoughts on Marvel NOW!, I honestly haven't kept up with much of it yet. I'm excited about Uncanny Avengers and a few other books, but for the most part nothing has really stood out to me yet, but, like I said, I haven't read much about it. What are your thoughts though?

  5. Does anyone have a good one-stop story about "Marvel NOW!"? I'm already annoyed that I'm going to have to update my pull-list, so it would be nice to know what I have to do all at once. :)

    JT, please, please, please tell me that X read "Hawkeye." I effing loved it.

  6. Hey JW, my girlfriend sent me a list that someone keeps updating with all the comics and creative teams for Marvel NOW which you can see here.

    And yeah, I talked to X about Hawkeye and he said he did really enjoy it. I was the same way, I expected alot going in to be honest, but I was not disappointed.

  7. Thanks, JT, that's really useful. I guess for me I'm just hoping that they don't touch my sidekicks. So long as "Hawkeye," "Scarlet Spider," "Winter Soldier," and "X-Factor" are safe, I'm a happy camper. (I saw somewhere that "X-Factor" will be OK, but I won't believe it until I see it.)

    Glad to hear you guys liked "Hawkeye." I was seriously impressed, and I hated Matt Fraction after Last-Summer's-Event-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

  8. No problem dude, and yeah, those are pretty much the books I want untouched too. Sucks that Avengers Academy is ending though, I'm a big fan of that series and those characters.

    Haha, yeah, I actually haven't read much of Fraction's work, outside of the event you mentioned, but I was definitely a fan of issue one of Hawkeye.