Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Comic Day! August 15th Edition.

Hey everyone, JT here with our weekly update, as you guys may have seen, I didn't get around to reviewing Gambit #1 and Batman #12 last week. I read them both and Gambit seemed to be all over the place, which would have made for a very confusing review. Bats on the other hand... I just... It didn't seem like a Batman comic to me, as much as a comic that Batman just happened to be in, so that really hurt my enjoyment of it, which made me not wanna review it as much. But, it's Comic book day! My haul for this week is pretty good, and as always you guys feel free to comment below, let me know what you want to see a review for most, and I'll try to get it posted if time permits. And of course, I'm always curious to see what you guys are reading as well, so feel free to let me know what you decided to grab at the shop.

Now, let's get to it! This week I picked up Catwoman #12, Green Lantern #12, Saga #6, The Walking Dead #101, Amazing Spider-Man #691, Avengers Academy #35, Avengers Vs. X-Men #10, Captain Marvel #2, Deadpool #59, and Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #3. So, ten books, let me know which ones you guys would like me to review/discuss, and we'll take it from there guys. Til later today , JT signing off!


  1. Nice list man! I picked up GL #12 which looks to be awesome. The shadow #4- this book has been filled with story, the art is great but we are really flushing out each an every character and it has be pretty darn good. Avx round 10- Looking like things are getting for real now! haha. And daredevil # 17 which has been extremely consistent for me. Waid is introducing a brand new character soon that looks to be really promising. PLus Mike Allred on art, sign me up! Looking forward to your GL and AVX review. I will let ya know some of my thourhgts too.

    -Also, my Mrvel NOW! throughts from last week.

    1. Waid and YU on Indestructable Hulk-Waid is the top talent writing comics in my opinion. I've never disliked his work and will be looking forward to this. However, HULK as a supposed SHIELD agent? ehh... idk i have faith in waid though.

    2. Uncanny avengers by Remender! and John Casaday!!! looking forward to this, sci-fi, alternate worlds, xmen avengers team up and cassaday artwork. I hear this is supposed to be the staple book of the relaunch, which unlike Justice league for new 52, this doesn't look big and dumb. It looks wild and crazy!

    3. All new x-men by bendis and Immonen- I will be staying away from this one. Looks okay but reverting back to the literal original x-men not other universe incarnations sounds like some bendis timeline stuff that is always a mess.

    4. Hickman and Opena on avengers in the 616! SOunds exciting and hickman is usually great. I've seen of opena's character designs and they look good. A rumored 18 man roster sounds a little tough to juggle though...

    5. Invincible iron man by Gillen and Land- Never really been a fan of iron man solo, not enough creative talent for me to get behind this one.

    6. Posehn and moore on deadpool- DOn't read dead pool personally, but this looks really fun. Two comedian writers writing the book could be good too.

    7. Remender and JRJR on Captain America!- Pumped for this specifically because of remender. He's going with a completley new take on the character. He is going sci-fi pulpy, yet serious like some of the old kirby stuff. JRJR on pencils has me torn. HE can draw action great! but his other work... idk, it just hasn't been good LATELY. Remder says that JRJR is channeling some old daredevil style of his through. Plus, we get to see cap growing up in new york in the 20's and 30's which will be good i think. Arnim zola revamped is the new bad dude.

    8. Fraction and bagley on F4- I'm okay with this, but proabbly won't read.

    9. Fraction and Allred on new FF- this could be fun too.

    10. Spurrier and Huat on new x-men legacy with rumored Legion taking over his rightful spot next to charles Xavier. COuld be interesting. Really liked the Age of X stuff with Legion.

    -There are many more but I have rambled enough haha. ANyway happy reading dooood!

  2. Looking forward to this week's AvX review! I stopped following this series due to mixed critical response, but with the end approaching I think it's about time to jump back in.

    Glad to see some discussion on Marvel NAO! I am bummed to see some of my favorite books go up in smoke. UXM, JiM (Gillen's version), Xmen Legacy (no more Gage) will all be missed.

    -I love Waid, but Hulk doesn't interest me in the least. Pass, unless it turns out to be a Daredevil-level success.

    -Will get Uncanny Avengers, though I doubt Cassaday stays beyond the first arc (look what Madureira and Silvestri did this past year).

    -Wouldn't touch Bendis on a team book with a 10-ft pole.

    -Hickman should've stayed on Ultimates, that bastard! If his Avengers turns out well though, I could jump on later.

    -Will buy Iron Man, though I'm very disappointed Greg Land is on art. Gillen+Stark is a match made in heaven.

    -Jason Aaron on Thor - count me in!

    -Remender on Captain America - see Waid on Hulk. Don't care for the character, but if the run turns out good I'll jump in.

    -I don't read deadpool or FF or Matt Fraction in general (except for Invincible Iron Man).

  3. Hey guys, just wanted to let ya know I'll probably do a post on my Marvel Now stuff thanks to reading this convo, so thanks for the idea. I'll probably have that up on Monday or Tuesday.